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Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Review in 2021

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With the development of science and technology, all walks of life also make rapid progress. It seems that a new invention comes out every second. I have been working in the sales of beauty equipment for five years. Based on the R&D rate of our company, I think the advancement of science and technology is really fast. The upgrading of the products and the development of the industry accompany the improvement of the technology. In the following, I would like to share with you several weight loss machines that were newly released in 2021.

Next, the machines I am going to share with you are divided into three levels. Why do I introduce them in this way, since most of our clients are also divided into three groups? The three types of machines are also the clients’ needs.

The first one is a professional ultrasonic cavitation weight loss machine.


The one in the above is a 30Khz ultrasonic cavitation machine. It’s a professional one and is exclusively used for beauty salons or training institutions, and it needs to be operated by a professional beautician. Then let’s check its working principles out. S SHAPE ultrasonic cavitation RF and EMS electroporation machine have a synergistic effect. It unites 30KHZ cavitation RF, vacuum RF, EMS electroporation, and vacuum RF, and is used for body and skin care.

S SHAPE ultrasonic cavitation machine is one of the multifunctional beauty equipment of myChway. Its 30K is very effective. If you cannot achieve weight loss through exercise and diet keeping, this machine may offer the most effective result. It can be used for reshaping the body and removing cellulite, and you can get your desired body shape.

Since it has many functions, it makes high requirements for beauty and is often used in beauty salons. If you run a beauty salon or do beauty training, then this professional version suits you the most.

The second one is a portable weight reduction machine, which can be used in a beauty salon or at home.


This machine has three handpieces, among which are 40KHz cavitation and RF. Therefore, it has the functions of weight loss and skin tightening. It’s small in size and easy to carry, and a perfect choice for home use as well as for beautician who offers visiting service. And it falls in between the professional and unprofessional one. It has the same working principle as the above-mentioned one, but with fewer functions. As is known to all, the fat stores in the special cells. This lipo cavitation and RF machine apply the latest 2.0 low frequency cavitation technology, namely, unoisetion decomposes fat cells into smapp particles, and then the particles are metabolized into liquid. It focuses and breaks the fat cells in the target zone, which are easily discharged through the lymphatic and urinary systems. Meanwhile, high frequency, vacuum, and fat laser treatments also help to improve skin elasticity and shape the body.

The third one is a home use weight loss machine.


This is a new product that comes into the market in June 2021. It has generation one and two, but all of them are 60KHZ cavitation machines. The first-generation machine has a lower energy level. It’s perfect for home use by girls, office, or during traveling since it’s tailored for home use and personal use. You don’t have to ask for a professional beautician to give you instructions, and all you have to do is to read the instructions. The highlights of this machine are that it’s easy to operate and carry. You can use it to slim the body at any time and own a perfect body shape. And it causes no side effects.

This machine has the same working principle and working mode as that of the 2.5 ultrasonic cavitation machine. High-frequency vibration can offer unique cells massage, promote the melting of the fat cells, increase cell activity, accelerate blood circulation, and improve skin elasticity. High-frequency vibration does mechanical massage, which can reach up to thousands of mechanical vibrations. It can wake up the skin cells instantly, enhance cells metabolism, promote the decompose of the cellulite tissue and fat cells, remove the lymph gland, melt the targeted fat cells instantly. It has a single-handpiece, unique and amazing design, conforms to the ergonomic massager, equipped with a smart display, which makes it an eye-attracting cavitation machine. It’s good for home use. The flexible contracting lead can lower the resistance. It’s a home use and environmental-friendly cavitation machine.

The above-mentioned are the three different levels of machines that I would like to recommend. If you like them, please leave me a message. I will give you more recommendations about your favorite machines. Thank you.

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