Lipo Laser Machine

Lipo Laser Machine

Lipo Laser Introduction

Recently, there's another way to achieve similar results, without surgery or even downtime. It's called "lipo laser," and it relies on laser energy instead of incisions to slim the body quickly and with minimal effort on the part of the patient.
Lipo laser is a non-surgical aesthetics technology, and it is very convenient for fat removal treatment. For this reason, we call it lazy slimming.

What is laser lipo and does it work?

Lipo laser, technically known as laser lipolysis, or diode lipo laser, is FDA approved a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat. This is a different process from the ultrasonic cavitation liposuction, which involves removing fat from the body using vacuum suction and ultrasonic waves.

How does laser lipo work?

Unlike conventional liposuction, the idea of lipo laser is not to remove fat cells—it's to shrink them.
A technician places pads equipped with diodes laser directly onto the skin, allowing emit low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the cell membranes. This causes the fat cells to release their stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water into the body and then shrink, potentially resulting in lost inches. The body then flushes out the expelled fat-cell contents via the lymphatic system or burns them for energy.


Best Lipo Laser Machines for Home Use of 2019

1 MYCHWAY lipo laser heat eye care pen for dark circle puffiness reduction

This mychway lipo laser eye care pen with 650nm wavelength is more used for individual, the heat emitted by diode laser with high-energy can penetrate subcutaneously. so as to achieve the removal of dark circles, bags under the eyes, dilute small pox in India effect.


2 MYCHWAY 160mw laser LLLT lipolysis 16 pads for body slimming

This lipo laser machine use 635nm ~650nm wavelength low levels of visible 160mw laser light, 12 big paddles and 4 small paddles can be fixed by the adjustable bandages on your body to do fat melt.
12 Big paddles with 10 diode lasers each and 4 small paddles with 2 diode lasers each, comes with total 16640mw powerful energy output, the effect of body sculpturing is significant.


3 MYCHWAY Tabletop professional 10.4” touch screen lipo laser liposuction body shaper machine

This lipo laser machine adopts electrical class 1, type B applied part diode laser, features with 100W output for body fat melt. This machine is stunning to operate because it comes with 10.4” touch screen, easy to use and high-tech performance


4. MYCHWAY 160mw lipo laser lipolysis with ultrasonic cavitation machine

This machine combines the lipo laser lipolysis with ultrasonic cavitation technology together, you can glide the ultrasonic cavitation on the treatment area to get rid of “love handles”, and other stubborn bulges of fat such as belly, abdomen, the fat of inner thigh and outer the thigh. Then you can use the lipo laser liposuction to help the fat acids expel from your body after the ultrasonic cavitation treatment finished, there will be double effects.


How long does lipo laser machine take to work? How many lipo laser treatments are needed?

The lipo laser treatment session lasts about 40-60 minutes/session, should be done at least one week continuously to be effective.

How much lipo laser machines cost?

The price of lipo laser machines is various. Prices vary range as low as $200 and up to $10,000.

Lipo laser machines before and after


How about lipo laser machine risks?

Lipo laser machine has been used for many years. Since low-level laser emits low-level laser energy, lipo laser treatment is completely non-invasive, safe and has no negative side effect for fat loss.

Is fat freezing machine better than laser lipo machine?

In fact, these two weight loss machines take on such contrasting theory with body sculpturing, lipo laser liposuction machine melts fat cells while fat freezing machine freezes fat.

Lipo Laser Machine Aesthetics Technology

The LED Laser body sculpting procedure uses 635nm-650nm LED Laser that heats the fat cells in the targeted area causing them to break down. Over a short period of time, the fat deposits are simply absorbed and expelled through our body’s natural metabolic process. During the procedure, the laser seals off minor blood vessels significantly reducing bruising and patient downtime. The introduction of heat into the treated area stimulates collagen production to give a smooth, tightened and sculptured result.

Lipo Laser Machine Treatment Areas

Lipo laser is a non-surgical aesthetics technology, and it is very convenient for fat removal treatment. For this reason, we call it lazy slimming.
Both the dual wavelength lipo laser and single lipo laser machine can be used on many body areas, such as the face, arms, belly, legs, but remember, when used on the face, we must protect our eyes by wearing glasses.
These two kinds of lipo laser machine are quite convenient, cause most time you can do it yourself at home, and they are popular lipo laser machine for home use.

The Functional lipo laser machine, combined the other aesthetic technology, so the time to get the slimming result would be shorter, such as lipo cavitation machine, laser lipo cryolipolysis machine. these machines can be used on chin except for the face, arms, belly, legs, and the lipo cryo machine are better for the large area fat removal such as thigh and belly.
Treatment Areas

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Lipo Laser Machine Related Beauty Treatment

Lipo Laser Treatment

Lipo laser treatment emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them through channels in the cell membranes to get the result of body slimming.

What is lipo laser?

Lipo laser device is cosmetic treatment device which supports body sculpting; helps remove excess weight and cellulite, without damaging the other tissues such as nerves, skin or blood vessels.

How To Choose Weight Loss Machine

Weight loss technology has Cavitation, RF radio frequency, fat freezing, lipo laser, etc., so many weight loss machines, how should we choose?

All Lipo Laser Machine Products












Brand New 7 In 1 Ultrasonic 40K&RF Body Vacuum&RF Body Contouring 5Mw Machine

  • Unoisetion& RF Cavitation 2.0 Probe For Body Slimming
  • Octupole 3D Smart RF For Fat Removal
  • Biopolar RF for Facial Skin Rejuvenation
  • Vacuum 3D Smart RF For Cellulite Dissolve
  • Quardrupole 3D Smart RF For Skin Tightening
  • 5MW Lipo Laser For Weight Loss
  • 150ML Large Vacuum Cupping


7 In 1 Ultrasonic 40K&RF Body Vacuum&RF Body Slim Machine

  • Unoisetion& RF Cavitation 2.0 Probe For Body Slimm
  • Octupole 3D Smart RF For Fat Removal
  • Biopolar RF for Facial Skin Rejuvenation
  • Vacuum 3D Smart RF For Cellulite Dissolve
  • 160MW Lipo Laser For Weight Loss
  • 150ML Large Vacuum Cupping


New fat reduce lypolysis wleight loss fat burn machine

  • weight loss
  • body slimming
  • fat reduce


Lipolaser Slim Vacuum RF Lipolaser Cavitation Machine 6 in 1

  • Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Body Slimming
  • Body Face Lifting Massage Relax
  • Facial Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation
  • Ultrasound Cavitation Weight loss
  • Lipo Laser Treatment for Fat Loss


4 In 1 Lipolaser Cavitation Rf Slimming Machine

  • RF Cavitation 40K For Celliute Removal
  • Vacuum RF For Body Shaping
  • 160MW Lipolaser Accelerate Fat Dissolution


40K Cavitation RF Slimming 160nm Vacuum Breast Enlarge

  • 160NM Diode Laser
  • 40K Cavitation Body Face RF Handle
  • Vacuum Breast & Butt Lifting Cups
  • Weighted Fitness Great
  • Body Slimming Weight Loss
  • Skin Care & Skin Rejuvenation


Dual Wavelength 650nm&980nm Diode Lipo Cavitation RF Vacuum

  • Cavitation RF Body Slimming Cellulite Removal
  • Improve Blood Circulation, Accelerate Metabolism
  • Body Face Sagging Skin Tightening Lifting Brighten
  • Face Eye Fine Lines Wrinkle Reduction Anti-Aging
  • Body Face Massage Relax, Increase Skin Elasticity
  • 650nm & 980nm Lipo Laser for Weight Loss


9In1 40K Unoisetion Cavitation RF Vacuum Micro Current

  • 40k Unoisetion cavitation for cellilute removal
  • Sextupole radio frequency for body slimming
  • Quadrupole RF for face and small area of body
  • Vacuum with bipolar radio frequency for body
  • Microcurrent &photon for skin care
  • 160MW Led laser for weight loss


New 5mw Cellulite Removal Weight Loss Lipo LED Laser Machine

  • 5mw laser light slimming
  • 12 big laser paddles for body weight loss
  • 4 small laser paddles for arm slimming


9 In 1 Unoisetion Cavitation Smart 3D RF Lipo Laser Machine

  • Cavitation 40K Fat Reduction Body Shaping
  • Improve Blood Circulation, Promote Lymph Detox
  • Body Face Skin Tightening Cellulite Slimming
  • Face Skin Firming Fine Lines Wrinkle Removal
  • Microcurrent Photon Rejuvenation Skin Lifting
  • Cold Hammer And Hot Hammer Skin Care


New Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum Radio Frequency Slimming

  • Cavitation RF Fat Burning Cellilute Reudction
  • Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Body Slimming
  • Body Face Massage Relax Lymph Circulation
  • Facial Wrinkle Elimination Skin Rejuvenation
  • Eye Around Lifting Anti Aging Soomth Skin
  • Lipo Laser Treatment for Fat Loss


8in1 Unoisetion Cavitation Machine 3D Smart RF Lipo Laser

  • Cavitation Cellilute Remove Body Slimming
  • Weight Loss And Bosy Massage
  • Accelerate Metabolism And Reduce Fat Cell
  • Facial Skin Lifting And Tighten
  • Microcurrent Face Lift Anti-aging
  • Remove Wrinkle And Fine Lines


8 IN 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Unoisetion RF Vacuum Lipo Laser

  • Cellilute Slimming WIth Unoisetion Cavitation 40k
  • Body Fat Loss With Sextupole Radio Frequency
  • Face And Small Area With Quadrupole RF
  • Face and Eyes Lifting With 3-Pole Radio frequency
  • Skin Tightening With Vacuum With Bipolar RF
  • Arm, Leg, Waist Slimming With Led laser


9 IN 1 Cavitation RF Microcurrent Lipo Laser Cold Therapy

  • Break The Stubborn Cellulite On The Treatment Area
  • Melt Fat Cells And Dispose Of Excess Fat Cells
  • Eliminate Stretch Marks, Cellulite
  • Relief Pain And Inflammation, Help Fat Loss
  • Skin Tigtening and Help Get Glowing Skin


Unoisetion Cavitation Radio Frequency Vacuum Photon Machine

  • Reduce Fat With 40K Cavitation Therapy
  • Skin Tightening And Lifting With RF Suction
  • Cellulite Reduction With Lipo Laser Pads
  • Undereye Skin Tightening With Facial RF
  • Face Care With Microcurrent & Photon
  • Shrink Pore Calm Skin With Cold Hammer


6 In 1 40K Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation Vacuum RF Slim Machine

  • 40K Cavitation For Body Sculpting Slimming
  • Vacuum RF For Body Massage Fat Melting
  • RF With Photon For Body Face Lifting
  • 5MW Laser For Body Arm Shape


6in1 Unoisetion Cavitation Machine Smart 3D RF Lipo Laser

  • Face Wrinkle Removal
  • Body Skin Tightening
  • Weight Loss
  • Face Lifting
  • Cellulite Reduction