1. The S-shape 30k cavitation machine delivers professional and effective treatments that make you feel like at the spa.

  2. Customizable treatments: enabling a wide range of treatment protocols to target different skin and body concerns.

  3. Maximized results: firm your sagging skin, improve the healthy body silhouette as well as tighten your face

  4. Safety & comfort: uniquely and carefully designed to comfortably fit the operator’s grip and glide along the users' skin for painless and effective treatments.

30k cavitation machine white s-shape 30k cavitation machine size s-shape 30k machine functions s shape 30k machine probes 30k cavitation machine principle s-shape 30k cavitation machine s-shape 30k machine probe s shape 30k machine probe

S-Shape machine

The world of home-use SPA to come

You will enjoy both face care and body care through our s-shape machine.


The advanced care to
your body and face

  1. Fat Reduction


  2. Blood Circulation


  3. Increase Elasticity


  4. Portable Reliable


  5. Reduce Wrinkle



Synergy effect through a machine

With 6 united technology, Both care your body and face

  1. synergy

    EMS + EL


  2. synergy

    RF + Ultra Sound


  3. synergy

    RF + Suction


  4. synergy

    RF + Suction


What technology involvess

  • EMS&EL Face

    Face handpiece

    EMS & EL work together to improve skin elasticity, smooth, and tightening. You will have a shinning result after the treatment.

    EMS&EL Face
  • RF&Suction

    Face handpiece

    RF&SUCTION united to have a much better effect on lifting and stimulating that your skin will be firmly tightened and wrinkles reduced.

    EMS&EL Face
  • RF&Ultra Sound

    Body handpiece

    RF combined ultra sound are going to give your an extraordinary skin tightening and cellulite dissolving. With RF&ULTRA SOUND you will have a firmer and more elastic skin.

    EMS&EL Face
  • RF&Suction Body

    Body handpiece

    RF & SUCTION works together to not only improve blood circulation but also tighten skins. Your will have a S shape figure after continuous treatment.

    EMS&EL Face
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