Are you already worried about hair loss? With the increase of modern life pressure, hair loss has already affected millions of people. Most people feel anxious or depressed because they spend a lot of money on many products that treat hair loss, but they don't have much effect. But today, this product will not let you down, high-frequency hair loss treatment machine, the cost is not high, the effect is very good.

What High Frequency Hair Growth Machine Does?

The high-frequency scalp treatment device is a hair care that stimulates hair growth with low current and high frequency, an intensive hair treatment for treating dandruff, hair loss, and the treatment also has a bactericidal effect, that is, drying and warming.

What Is The High Frequency Hair Growth Treatment?

It is the treatment of hair through high-frequency infrared and ultra-ray. A transparent bar-shaped tool with different shapes is inserted, a set of three glass electrodes, including a comb/tweezer for the scalp and hair, easy to use and portable, ideal for home use. A comb-like glass tube is usually used to treat the hair. The electrode produced by the glass is brought into contact with the hair generating hair. Increases blood circulation and promotes cell renewal to naturally rejuvenate dormant hair follicles. Another type of hyper-radiation treatment that emits light from a distance with the help of light can help the skin naturally exfoliate while stimulating the sebaceous glands. It still looks to be used to treat a variety of skin problems.

The Benefits Of High Frequency Hair Growth Scalp Treatment

Treatment rejuvenates your scalp, promotes blood circulation to the scalp, and promotes scalp to increase hair growth.

The treatment also helps to create new cells while making hair dandruff

This treatment prevents itchy scalp and gradually stops hair loss

Gives healthy hair to the hair by nourishing the scalp cells

Relieves scalp muscle relief by providing heat to soothe the scalp nervous system

Helps hair grow and strengthens hair

Helps increase collagen and elastin production, reducing the presence of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite

And it can also help reduce the size of the face pores and eliminate dark circles

The Side Effect Of High Frequency Hair Growth Treatment:

Increased frequency may cause excessive stimulation of sebaceous glands, excessive secretion of sebum, may clog pores, and cause scalp itching

Improper equipment handling may cause sparks and skin burns

Excessive heat generated during surgery may result in dry hair after treatment

Not suitable for patients with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis

Patients with cardiac pacemakers and large metal implants should also avoid using

How About The Treatment Producer Of High Frequency?

For treatment, divide the hair into five to six sections, open it smoothly, and then use the comb on the affected area or the entire scalp. This process is only 2-3 minutes. Then apply a 20-minute oil massage and apply the moisturizing mask from the root to the tip for 15-20 minutes. Treat the hair with steam and expose the hair to an ultraviolet bulb for 5-8 minutes. The treatment lasts for 45-50 minutes and only needs to clean the scalp the next day.

The Recommend Treatment Of High Frequency

This treatment requires at least 10-12 consecutive treatments, which can be performed twice or three times a week for optimal treatment. Even after completing multiple treatments, you should not stop treatment completely, but continue treatment every two weeks for better and lasting results.

How Much The High Frequency Machine Cost?

The average cost of a professional high-frequency treatment is $100 to $125. A series of treatments need to be done many times, but the cost of a home treatment device is lower. The cost of this high-frequency instrument is only $50, and it is portable and easy to use.

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