What Is Cavitation?

Cavitation liposuction is a new, non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure,the advanced technology for weight loss, it applies the 40k frequency ultrasonic which can fast broken the target fat cells, most of client indicated they can removal 3-5cm fat after the treatment. But use the combine functions with radio frequency, vacuum or cryolipolysis, will get better and faster result.

What Is Cavitation Treatment?

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is a method to body shape, uses to reduce the stubborn fat bags those can not removal by diet or exercise. It is the full body cellulite removal and body shapping treatment, which can break down the cellulite and metabolism from body to get the fat loss result.

How Does The Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment Work?

Ultrasonic Caviatation is a new procedure that helps people to removal unwanted fat, it is painless and safe. Cavitation treatment applies the low frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells, once the fat cells was destroyed, will turn into protein, then fatty acids and glycerol, and this kind of fatty acids and glycerol will removal from body by usual metabolism. Then get the result of body weight loss, body shapping.

What Are Some Common Uses Of The Cavitation Treatment?

Belly, buttock, thigh, leg, arm are the most common treatment area of cavitation slimming, but please notice the cavitation must not use on chest, back.

What Should I Prepare?

Before treatment, you should drink 550ml water, and keep relax. Take off all metal or gold jewelry, take off the clothes and wear the professional treatment clothes if need, after the treatment, drinking water is necessary to eliminate the fat, keep doing some exercise and diet.

What Will I Experience During And After The Procedure?

During fat cavitation treatment, you will feeling there have a low buzzing sound in the ear, that means the cavitation is vibrating and breaking the target fat cells. Skin will getting warm and red if also do RF vacuum function after the treatment. Some people will feel a little headache, but this feeling will getting well after 2-3 hours.

What Are The Benefits vs Risks?


1. Safe

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is non-invasive or non-surgical, would not influence the normal lift and job, after the treatment, do not need the recovery time.

2. Painless

The 40k cavitation work on the deep fat cells, you would not feel anything on the skin surface during treatment, you only feel it get redness after treatment, no pain.

3. Fast result

It will only cost you 20 minutes to do the cavitation therapy, and after 2-3 month, you can see the result if you keep diet and doing exercise, but if you also do the vacuum radio frequency functions, the treatment time will need 45-60 minutes and results get faster.

4. Not warm not noise or vibrate

Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 was upgraded to intelligent system, it can adjusting the frequency according to the temperature of the dermal during treatment, which is more comfortable. Also the energy mainly aim to the deep fat tissue, so would not waste energy on the head vibrate, this can help to better result and lengthen the head lifetime.


1. During the cavitation treatment, there will have a buzzing sound in ears, which make the patient feel headache

2. Need to keep diet and doing exercise to get good result, if not, you need to wait more time to see the result.

3. After the ultrasonic cavitation therapy, the skin will get red, cos the metal part will friction on skin, the redness will disappear after 1-2 hours. During the treatment, should apply the cavitation gel to make the treatment smooth.

4. After the cavitation treatment, you will feel thirst increased, this means the fat cells was penetrated by cavitation frequency and get into the fatty acids, drink some more water to increase the body metabolism and get the faster result.

What Are The Limitations Of Cavitation Treatment?

The cavitation must not use on chest, back, and after the treatment, you should not eat/ drink the alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine will interfere the lymphatic process to metabolism the fatty acids. It is recommended to follow treatment steps completely, drink 8-10 glasses of water and eat healthy and doing walking 30 minutes at least every day.


1. What other product should i apply for treatment?

The ultrasonic gel or radio frequency gel is must when do the cavitation, radio frequency, lipo laser treatment, apply the anti-freeze membranes for cryolipolysis treatment.

2. If fat cavitation treatment will need recovery time?

Cavitation treatment does not need the recovery time, but during treatment, the operator should remind the patient feeling and body situation, after treatment, patient better leave after observed for 15 minutes.

3. How many treatments then i can see the result?

Result is vary by individual body situation and health, someone can see the result after first treatment, but some one will need to do more to see result. But after the treatment, you can see the skin tightening, body metabolism better and weight loss. As normal, the best result will be saw after 3 course of treatment.

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