How does the ultrasonic cavitation machine work?

  • Author: VincyDate:11-02-2021

1.What is the ultrasonic cavitation machine?

It is non-invasive and painless fat-reducing machine for beauty purpose. It uses sound waves to destroy fat and finally, the decomposed fat will be excreted from the body. In this way, it can not only reduce fat but also tighten saggy skin.

2. Working principle

It uses high-frequency sound waves to target and destroy subcutaneous adipose cells. And then the fat inside those cells will be released in intercellular space. Fat will be decomposed into free fat acid and glycerine. Free fat acid will be moved to liver and excreted from body though metabolism. And the water-soluble glycerine will be used as a kind of energy source in circulation. The treatment lasts not long, which can not bring any inconvenience to your life and work.

3.Who are suitable to use this machine?

As an effective way to reduce fat, this machine is favoured by many people. People who are suitable to use this machine are described as follows.

(1). People who often spend lots of time sitting down or standing in office. Those people become fat mainly because they have sedentary occupations and have little time for exercise.

(2). Those who have fat on thigh, arm, waist, abdomen and hip are suitable to reduce fat and shape body by this machine. This machine ban be used on almost every part of the body.

(3). Obese people. There are many factors contributing to obesity such as binge eating and irregular diet. For obese people, they can use this machine.

(4). People who have wrinkles and saggy skin. Those people can buy a machine that combines RF and ultrasonic wave, which can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin.

(5). Those who want to have ideal figure. Looked from appearances, those people may seem not fat. What they want is a better figure curve. And this machine is their first choice.

(6). People who want to reduce fat in an economical way. Under normal circumstances, the service life of this machine is at least 1-2 years, which can meet customers’ needs. Compared to the fat-reducing surgeries in hospitals, it can save you a lot of money. More importantly, it can be conveniently used at home.

(7). Those who want to reduce fat without pain and incisions. This treatment is an non-invasive process that can help reduce fat in a safe and effective way. It naturally requires no time for recovery and so people can continue their normal life and work immediately after the treatment. And therefore, it gains in popularity among people.

(8). Those who want to reduce stubborn fat. There are stubborn fat on some areas of body, which can not be easily removed by taking exercise. This machine can come in handy. It can effectively dissolve stubborn fat to help achieve the purpose of shaping body.


4. Why do we need to use this machine?

With the improvement of our living standards, all people including males and females are seeking a better figure and a better appearance. In order to reduce fat and slim down, some choose to go on a diet and some opt to take regular exercise. However, the former will regain weight and become fattier than before once they resume their previous diet. And for the latter, they can find it difficult to deal with stubborn fat on some areas. This machine can free you from such dilemma, providing people with satisfactory way to reduce fat.

5. What advantages can it bring to users?

(1). Reduce fat on specific areas of body. It can be flexibly used on almost every part of body including the fat areas of abdomen, thighs and arms

(2). Tighten skin. Some people may experience more wrinkles and flabby skin after reducing fat. But this multifunctional machine has the ability to make this embarrassment disappear, which can not only reduce fat, but also tighten skin to prevent skin from sagging and make skin look younger.

(3). Non-invasive fat-reducing treatment. Unlike liposuction in hospitals, this treatment is non-invasive and painless. It naturally requires no time for recovery and brings no inconvenience to life and work. And it can be conveniently used at home.

(4). Controllable cost. There are various kinds of ultrasonic cavitation machine with varying prices. You can choose a proper one based on your own needs. Moreover, it is low-maintenance and can be used for a long time. Compared with the surgeries in hospitals, you can spend far less to achieve your purpose.

Lastly, thanks for bearing with me for my long introduction. The content above is about the ultrasonic cavitation machine, which, I hope, is of some help for you to choose one suitable for yourself.

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