RF Eletromagnetic Frequency Eletronic Eye Film Anti-aging Eye Skin Care Machine

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rf under eyes

radiofrequency skin tightening under eyes

rf microneedling under eyes

rf under eyes

radiofrequency skin tightening under eyes

rf microneedling under eyes

Product advantages
1. Color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate
2. Self-developed the design, small size. suitable for the home use and  beauty salons
3. Specific Electromagnetic Frequency technology clears the eye lymph. alleviate eye  fatigue effectively
4. Electronic Eye Film technology. to ensure the more than the 85% eye essence leading -in the skin, fast and accurate solute the eye problems.

Technical principle
RF eye beauty instrument  introduced the French newest technology,
1. The specific Electromagnetic Frequency technology matching with the human body impedance: control of the epidermis. dermis. subcutaneous   tissue  layer temperature accuracy effectively
2. Intelligent temperature control technology. the use of the electronic eye foil to the guide the high -speed  movement of the positive and negative ions of the eye, increase the skin trickiness of the eye, improve eye microcirculation
3. User - friendly And scientific eye film technology, to ensure that more than 85% import rate of the essence.
4. Experiments show that when the skin temperature reaches 40-45℃, the collagen protein of the dermis will produce immediate tightening and regeneration.

1. Anti-aging eye repair. eliminate small wrinkles. reduce the real wrinkles, tighten the skin around the eye
2. Eye lymph node dredging. eliminate edema. dark circles bags under the eyes
3. Relieve eye relief, reduce fatigue.  prevent myopia

Product parameters
imput power :50w
output power .30w
energy : 1-20j
time 1-90 minute
temprature : 30-50 ℃
work Voltage : 110-220v  50/60hz

Package Included:
1 x Operation machine
1 x Operation eye stickers cable
5 x eye stickers
1 x Instruction
1 x power line

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