UNOISETION 8 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Skin Tightening Body Lifting for Startup Beauty Salons

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  1. Establish Your Beauty Studio Easily: Maybe you're a licensed cosmetologist and want to start a beauty studio and have your own career. But worried about the high investment and uncertain return and so on. Our 8 in 1 beauty machine can provide a perfect solution for you.

  2. Low Investment & High Return: You only need to spend less than $1,000 to buy a multifunctional beauty machine that integrates body shaping, facial skin care, and vacuum body massage machine, and you can recover your cost after a few customers' beauty program.

  3. Provide Muti-service To Your Customer: Our machines allow you to provide your clients with a variety of beauty services, such as body shaping, facial lifting, lymphatic massage, and body vacuum cupping, etc.

  4. Offer Spa-Level Result: Low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation helps body contouring; Vacuum RF promotes collagen production to increase skin elasticity; Lipo laser can shape body with low energy; Vacuum cuppping helps body lifting and relex. Its effect is not inferior to that of beauty salons.

  5. Buy with Worry-Free: We provide one-to-one online guides, 365-day warranty after purchase, 30-day money-back guarantee,installing and detailed operation. Click the"Buy Now" button for your beauty business journey now!


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SKU: WL-9396S

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