One of the currently most demanded body cosmetic procedures is laser liposuction. Also known as laser lipolysis, the laser lipo treatment process is one of the several non-invasive body sculpting treatments. It is an in-office treatment that is performed by using laser energy that heats and later removes the fat cells.  With a quick recovery and minimal risks, this treatment is an ideal option for all those looking for shrinking different areas of their body and small fat deposits. Digging deeper into what is lipo laser treatment and does laser lipo work, here is everything you need to know. 


    Who is a good candidate for laser lipolysis?

    Just like with any other treatment, several key points make a person a good candidate for the particular treatment. The best candidates for laser lipo treatment are people who are in good health. A good overall health condition is essential in achieving optimal results, without creating any misbalance in the body. It also reflects on the realistic expectations from the laser lipo treatment too. Additionally to this, people who do not smoke or can quit smoking several weeks before starting a treatment make good candidates. All of these points combined will deliver excellent results not only reducing fat but also see some skin-tightening and weight loss.  


    Pre-treatment consultation

    Pre-treatment consultation is an essential part of the laser liposuction procedure. As it is an in-office treatment, this procedure is done by licensed and qualified plastic surgeons. Also, they are the ones that offer the consultation, which covers all the important questions and information. On the initial appointment, the plastic surgeon will evaluate and discuss the candidate's medical history, assess the treatment areas, as well as listen and discuss the expectations and desired and expected outcomes. This type of consultation often includes a physical exam that is crucial to determine whether the laser lipo treatment is the right option. The pre-treatment consultation is an essential and inevitable part of the entire process because it provides understanding and information about the procedure and offers the possibility to ask questions and get informed connected to it. This also includes information on the possible risks, side effects, and final results. 


    The laser lipo treatment procedure

    After the consultation comes the agreement on a treatment plan. That is when the date for the procedure is scheduled. The entire process of the procedure does not only consist of the main procedure but some other things need to be included such as preparation and aftercare. 


    The preparation of the laser lipo treatment process starts on the day of the procedure. The candidate wears a gown, and they will be administered a local anesthetic that will help them relax. Then the surgeon moves on to mark the areas that need to be treated. 


    The next step is administrating the laser. There will be small incisions made by the surgeon, on the targeted areas. A thin tube called a cannula, that carries a laser fiber, will come through the incisions where the energy from the laser, through the fiber, will liquefy the fat cells. That way they will be easier to remove.  With a suction device, the liquefied fat will be removed from the body. It is a gentle procedure, followed by a local anesthetic, that will provide a more comfortable feeling. The last step of the laser lipo treatment process is closing the incisions. The surgeon will do that with sutures, which will heal with no significant scars. After the procedure, the surgeon will suggest some aftercare instructions including avoiding hard activities for a certain period, wearing compression garments, as well as coming to follow-up appointments.


    This is a much more comfortable and easier procedure compared to classical liposuction since there it is considered a minimally one and it is done with a local anesthetic.


    Overall, it is a procedure and a treatment that is much easier than the classic liposuction, with almost no downtime and with the same results as liposuction.

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    Post-treatment care and recovery

    As mentioned before, the laser lipo treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, that asks for no recovery time. It might require only a few days to recover from the minimal incisions and that is it. Going back to work is possible in the next few days, as well as waiting for several weeks to do physical activities such as physical training.

    The aftercare instructions after the treatment that are highly suggested to follow are:

    - no physical activity for at least 24 hours after the treatment;

    - you might need to wear a thin tube near the incisions that will help drain fluid and prevent swelling;

    - wearing compression garments will help speed up the recovery process and get better results;

    - the fat intake should be lower at the minimum;

    - it is best not to consume alcohol;

    - stay hydrated and drink a lot of water;

    - move frequently and often;

    - avoid smoking;

    - rest well and sufficiently right after the procedure;

    - if there are prescribed medications, take them as advised;

    - it is suggested to avoid bathing and showering for the first five days after the procedure.

    Laser liposuction works better when you stick to the instructions. Not only will you see great results in fat reduction, but you will also have to get skin tightening, which is a bonus.


    When will laser liposuction results be visible?

    Although laser lipo treatment is an excellent way to remove fat, it is essential to be realistic about the laser lipo results and the time needed for the visible outcome. The laser lipo results predominantly depend on the amount of excess fat that is removed from the body of the patient. Overall, it is important to include the patient's overall body composition. 


    The laser belly fat removal results are visible as early as six weeks after the procedure. In certain cases, depending again on the body type and the removed fat, this time can go up to 12 months. The most realistic expectation of the results should happen around 3 to 6 months after the procedure. This greatly depends on the type of skin, as well as the swelling. 


    With the laser lipo machine treatment, the fat cells are permanently removed from the body. For the best and optimal results, as well as maintaining good body contour and silhouette, it is suggested to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet and regular exercise that will prevent built up of new fat in the treated parts and areas. 


    How much does laser liposuction cost?

    The laser liposuction cost depends on the treated area. Its price can vary from $2500 to $5000 per area, all depending on which part is being treated. For example, the larger areas, like the abdomen, can be more costly since there is a larger area to be treated, compared to the smaller area like the chin. Additionally, the amount of fat that will be removed will also influence the price of the liposuction, because the laser fat removal process takes longer. 


    The laser lipo treatment process is a popular and efficient way to remove fat from undesired spots. With an advanced laser and laser energy, the fat is removed permanently and the skin is tightened and contoured. Additionally, with proper aftercare, the results will be permanent, which makes it a treatment that is worth considering. Unlike the traditional liposuction procedures, the downtime is minimal if any, with a quick recovery time. It is done by a licensed surgeon, who besides the process itself, will provide consultation and preparation guidance for the best results and outcome. 

    Frequently Ask Questions:


    Does lipo laser really work?

    Yes. It is a procedure that reduces body fat and increases the tightness of the skin. It is an excellent and efficient way to remove fat from stubborn areas. It is also a procedure that delivers permanent results, compared to other cosmetic procedures. 


    How does Lipo Laser treatment work?

    Laser lipo treatment works with the use of a laser. This laser melts the fat cells and additionally stimulates collagen production. Depending on the type of lipo treatment, it can be non-invasive or minimally invasive.


    How many laser lipo treatments are needed?

    The number of laser lipo treatments depends on a person and the areas that are being treated. According to professionals, at least two treatments are the optimal number for efficient results. Each of the treatments is for a different part of the body.


    What is laser lipo treatment also known as?

    Laser lipo treatment is also known as laser lipolysis.


    How long does laser lipo last?

    Although it is considered to be a permanent procedure, the laser lipo treatment usually lasts from 7 to 10 years.


    What are the side effects of laser lipo?

    Some side effects of laser lipo can include:

    - bruising and swelling in the treatment area;

    - burns from the laser fiber heat;

    - mild pain or discomfort;

    - loose or discolored skin;

    - irregular skin contour.


    How much does laser lipo cost?

    Depending on the treatment area, the laser lipo price ranges from $2500 to $5000.

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