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Vacuum RF Slimming Machine Versus Lipo Laser Machine

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Things You Need to Know Before Use

Technology like Vacuum RF and Lipo Laser has been playing a key role in beauty industry. Without any doubt, Beauty Salon goers never go a day without hearing such technical words as the two, especially when it comes to situation where they want to buy themselves a machine, finding that Vacuum RF and Lipo Laser pops up all the time while browsing a variety of product listings. However, are you really informed about them? This Blog is trying to help you figure out and identify the Difference between Vacuum RF and Lipo Laser.


How Does Vacuum Suction Work?

First, we look at how does Vacuum work.
As its name suggests, utilizing vacuum to achieve body shaping, but what exactly is vacuum though? Well, a vacuum machine is equipped with a vacuum head/cup that generates suction, by means of it, fat particle and liquid in your skin tissue and cells accumulate together, stimulating your skin tissue and cells to reproduce quickly over a short period. In addition, using special vacuum suction head, the machine will target at muscles and skins, speeding up mobility of human body fluids. With these active cells, the skin becomes tightened. On the base of speedy fluids, the circulation of blood is being accelerated at the same time. As a result, fast blood circulation helps you bring out toxin with better efficiency, reducing the odds of pigment stain appearance. Besides, it also improves the tightening of skin, vein and lymphatic system, strengthen your blood vessel.

Benefits of Vacuum Suction

1. Skin Tightening
2. Skin Rejuvenation
3. Improve blood circulation
4. Get the toxin out of your body


RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming

on the other hand, is short for Radio Frequency. RF is designed to produce heat, deeply penetrating in to the layer of your skin so as to accelerate tissue metabolism, reduce the cellulite, enhance the oxygen flow of body, activates blood circulation, ultimately balance obesity.

-The first stage,it heats the collagen cells to cause the collagen to shrink. Skin will become tightening in 1-3 days after the treatment.
-The second stage, machine produces new collagen, which increases the production of collagen by up to 20%. Skin thus is increasingly more elastic in 1 month.
-The third stage stimulates collagen fibers to produce more than it used to be, as a result, skin turns more compact and elastic within 1-3 months from the day of treatment.


Finally, the whole process will be of considerable help to perfect your body.

Benefits of RF Radio Frequency

1. Accelerate the blood circulation in the part of skin treated and has effect on decomposing fat.
2. Improve absorption of cream, lotion and decrease acne
3. Tighten skin and eliminate fine wrinkles
4. Stimulate collagen cells and promote skin flexibility
5. Reshape and perfect the outline of your face

Vacuum RF Radio Frequency

Partnering with Vacuum and RF, makes it a 2 in 1 beauty machine for not only body shaping, but also skin rejuvenation& tightening, turning your idea of owning a perfect body curve that used to be far from attaining into a close reality. Why do you hesitate to buy one, don’t you? Vacuum and RF work together could make it more effective and significant.



1. People with muscle flaccidity
2. Ageing skin come to emerge when hit certain age
3. Those who want to remove spot, acne and wrinkle on face
4. Those wish to gain better skin type
5. Those eager to gain improvement on facial shaping

Recommend Treatment by Vacuum RF Radio Frequency

Treatment time: 10~15 minutes an area
Treatment area:Body
Treatment frequency: 1-2 time per week, 6 months considered a course of treatment

How Long Does Vacuum RF Take to Get Obvious Result

As far as Vacuum RF concerned, to have a visible effect it usually take a coupe of month, and then you will own the wanted body shaping finally.

Cost of Vacuum RF Machine

The price of Vacuum RF machine generally varies between $200-$800. The actual and exact price may be different for that we have a variety of Vacuum RF with various specialty.

What Is Lipo Laser Machine

Lipo laser is different from conventional liposuction that marked by a non-invasive procedure. Your therapist is going to places pads equipped with laser diodes directly onto the treatment area and make use of a bandage to cure the area exposed to laser. As a result of it, laser energy will penetrate into the fat cells and temporarily perforate their membranes, which causes the fat cells to release their stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water into the body and end up shrinking, possibly resulting in a loss of inches. Body itself, naturally by means of our lymphatic system, flush out excreted fat cell content, burning them for energy.
Lipo laser weight loss machine treatment is not designed to remove fat cells, rather, it is made to shrink fat cells. Beautician is going to place the lipo laser pad straight on the skin where you expect to be on treatment. What follows is that the lipo laser pads produce low level of laser energy, sending a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored fat into free fatty acids and glycerol that will be used as energy for our body. Causing fat cells to release their stored fatty acids, glycerin and water into the body and then shrink, the machine has a positively outstanding effect, resulting in weight loss of our body


Benefits of Lipo Laser

1. Targets at belly, thigh, arm, back, butt, waist leg
2. One area for 30 minutes, better result you are going to get
3. Body will take 2-4 months to get rid of dead fat cells from the day you on treatment
4. Your skin will turn red, even have bruise on it but ending up disappear over short period

For years, non-invasive laser fat has been acclaimed to be the most effective machine in weight loss machine market where millions of counterparts are competing to be the top 1 in this field. With proven scientific approach and sophisticated design, Lipo laser machine, undeniably, succeeds in securing its top position in weight loss market, largely owe to its better-than-other ability on reducing the fat.

Side Effects of Lipo Laser

Your skin get temporary burnt on the ground that the energy is too for your skin cells to resist. To solve this matter, on the fact that if you are not able to bear the energy, you may have to ask the therapist to decrease the laser energy so as to have a better treatment experience. Once treatment comes to its end, the skin area that exposed to laser maybe turn red, but it is short-lived and you will get rid of it in a couple of days.

Features of Lipo Laser Treatment

1. A good fit for both men and women
2. Reduces fat and cellulite based on your actual wishes, perfects your body shape
3. Performed without surgery, without pain, and without anesthesia
4. No scare, bruise, and pain free
5. Noticeable and obvious results on a short period
6. Painless and non-invasive
7. No restrictions or downtime
8. Many of us can feel our weight loss from the first treatment (Lose up to 1-1.25 inches per 30-minute treatment, results may vary though)



Lipo Laser is a perfect fit for those who have too much fat in body area such as belly, waist. Those who want to slim their body with effective and quick result are the targeted customer of this machine

Recommend Treatment By Lipo Laser

Treatment time: 20~25 minutes
Treatment area: abdomen, waistline, thighs, arms.
Treatment frequency: twice one week

How Long Does Lipo Laser Take to Get Obvious Result

Owe to its ability to break down fatty cell, it only takes 2-4 times treatment you will feel the apparent weight loss around the area exposed to Lipo Laser. Quick and evident result makes it top effective body slimming machine.

Cost of Lipo Laser

The price of Lipo Laer machine generally varies between $200-$1000. The actual and exact price is not easy to tell because Lipo Laser can be with various technology. But remember the fact that the higher the price, the better quality and effectiveness of the Lipo Laser machine, it depends on you needs though.


To be short:
1. Carrying with entirely different technologies, on one hand, Vaccum RF machine make use of suction and radio frequency to achieve a logical and scientific approach to skin, presenting you one of the best skin rejuvenation& tightening and body shaping experience. On the other hand, Lipo Laser machine employs laser affect straight on fat cells to better gain an effective results.
2. With regard to its specialized function, Vaccum RF machine is designed to body shaping and skin rejuvenation, though it does has a little to do with fat loss. Rather, Lipo Laser machine is dedicated to weight loss with effective approach to burn fat cells to its fullest. To conclude, better weight loss requires you a Lipo laser machine

1. People Who Should Avoid Using Vacuum RF and Lipo Laser:
For instance, the pregnant, people with severe wound on skin, those who diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and those who ever have been on a transplanted operation.

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