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Skin Rejuvenation–The Non-Surgical Facelift to Get During Lunchtime

  • Author: ada zhouDate:11-03-2021

It is known to us that with age, the blood circulation of the skin will slow down, and the fat layer of the subcutaneous tissue will become slack and less elastic. Without proper care, the skin will accelerate aging and the pores will naturally expand.

If your goal is to restore your youthful glow, you can use a combination of non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures to achieve a natural looking facelift without surgery, even well into your 60s.
In many cases, you can even schedule the treatment during your lunch break, and no one in your social circle would ever know.

What you need to know

Non surgical options for renovations fall under 3 groups: restoring lost quantity, resurfacing the superficial skin and tightening much deeper tissue.


When considering a facelift of any kind, we suggest that the key is to pay attention to what has changed in your appearance over the years.

For instance, ask yourself a series of questions:
Is your skin blotchy and pigmented with age spots?
Are your cheeks falling down creating ‘sausage lines’ around your mouth?
Do you have new jowls?
Do you have frown lines or hollowness under your eyes?
Do you have deep grooves creating a frown around your mouth?
Do you developing frown or smile lines around your mouth?
Do you noticing age spots?

These can often be dealt with easily with non-surgical techniques. When you identify your goals, you can choose will suit you best.

Who can get this facelift?


Age is not a criterion here. Since it is a simple lunch-time procedure and has no side effects, even young men and women can opt for it. “When youngsters lose weight very fast they end up with loose skin and this can be taken care of, some youngsters have loose skin on their arms — that too can be lifted. Young mothers with loose post-delivery tummy also come for this treatment.

Intense pulsed light (IPL), ultrasound, and laser treatments

Correction of pigmentation, fine lines, blotchiness, and redness are done with the right combination of skin care products and powerful light technology such as IPL and lasers. Another option is ultrasound, otherwise known as UL-therapy.

Most people consider the use of an ultra-Cavitation machine is a modern non-surgical way for fat removal from your body. This machine uses ultrasound waves to break down cellulite and fat cells in specific body parts without affecting other cells. But actually with ultrasonic you can also get face lifting.

These treatments offer very subtle, but sometimes permanent results that mimic a facelift and can treat the entire face.
Compared with many other options, these are more cost effective treatments with less downtime.

Radio frequency

Radio Frequency skin tightening machine are the cream of the crop in skin compression procedures available to dramatically tighten flaccid skin and diminish wrinkles and improve the skin’s elasticity, brightening skin tone. Dissolve the fatness and doing lymph drainage, takes the most advances RF technique and energy, directly penetrating into deep-seated cellulite.


Three types of RF machines are available on the market today that uses solely radio frequencies. Mono polar machines use a single electrode that is applied to the treatment area and another electrode is positioned far away. A Bipolar RF treatments machine uses two electrodes which are positioned close to one another.

The focus of the Mono polar machine deeply penetrates the skin, resulting in more effective treatment but also increases the risk of unwanted side effects such as discomfort and redness around the treatment area. Bipolar RF machine uses a current that does not penetrate as deeply and has less risk of negative side effect.

These devices promise to renew contours, smooth-en your skin, and reduce sagging and making your eyelids alive and vibrant, while also remodeling your collagen production and reducing wrinkles.

Can you use a RF machine safely? If you are generally in good health and do not exhibits any skin disorders or anomalies in the area being treated, then there are few health reasons why patients cannot undergo these treatments. There is no indication that pregnant women cannot make use of the machine, it is generally advisable to postpone treatment until after giving birth before taking a course of treatments. People with any electrical devices such as pace makers, metal implants, artificial hip joints, and which have had heart valve replacements or orthodontic plates should not and cannot be treated as the RF stream flowing through the body via the treatment local may inhibit these devices.

Let your rough skin become past tense


Skin rejuvenation is a kind of beauty. Controllable chemical treatment of the skin forms a new, smooth and moist skin tissue that can achieve skin rejuvenation.
It tightens the skin, smooth fine wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. It contains a rich natural moisturizing factor, NMF, which not only inhibits the evaporation of moisture in the skin but also absorbs moisture and forms a protective film on the skin surface to lock in moisture for a long time. The deep hydrating effect, leave skin plump and moisturized.

One of the favorite features of non-surgical skin tightening procedures is they are done quickly and have very little downtime.
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