What is microcurrent non surgical facelift?

    Micro-current facelift technology is an aesthetic treatment that re-educates the body through muscles and regulates the skin. Microcurrent is a low-level alternating current that reflects the natural current of the human body and works in harmony with the electrical system of the human body.

    Microcurrent was originally used to treat patients with Bell's palsy (a type of nerve paralysis). Therefore, they are aware of the benefits of anti-aging and have been used to tighten, condition and smooth. Other benefits of microcurrent can be found in people who have undergone cosmetic surgery, laser therapy, botulinum, and injections. Microcurrent therapy can amplify the effect and promote healing!

    What are the microcurrent treatment benefits?

    For those who wish to maintain a youthful appearance, microcurrent offers a number of benefits and is an extremely safe, gentle, non-invasive alternative to dramatic plastic surgery, laser surface replacement, chemical peeling, collagen, and meat. Toxin injection and other invasive treatments. The results vary from person to person, skin types are different, and they are gradual and do not "occur" overnight. Although micro-current facial treatment can produce immediate and temporary rejuvenation, continuous daily use will provide longer-term, longer-lasting cumulative effects.

    - Improve skin texture, Offset drying
    - Increase muscle tone, Improve facial and neck muscle tone
    - Lifts jowls and eyebrows
    - Rejuvenate the skin
    - Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Reduces puffiness
    - Even out skin tone, Improve facial blood circulation
    - Help skin exfoliate, Increase lymphatic drainage
    - Improve product penetration
    - Reduce cellulite
    - Enhances the body's natural collagen and elastin production
    - Increase cellular metabolism (ATP)
    - Improves hormonal balance and aids in the successful treatment of acne
    - Tightening pores

    How much does microcurrent treatment prices?

    Micro Current Treatment Pricing*
    Single treatment $150
    Package of 6 treatments $825
    Package of 12 treatments $1650
    *Prices subject to change.

    How long does a microcurrent treatment session last?

    The results are cumulative, so after a series of meetings, the improvements are many and last longer. For ongoing results, the recommended course of treatment is 10 to 15 treatments in the first 6 weeks, followed by a 3-month maintenance program.
    After 12 treatments, intensive treatment every 4-6 weeks will keep your face. How long do I hope the results will last? As long as you receive intensive treatment every 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment period, your investment will be retained.

    What is the microcurrent therapy side effects?

    Without a break, you can start your day right away, radiant as before. If you have done a traditional European facial or medical facial, you may notice some redness, but no makeup can't cover it.
    This treatment has certain risks. In the United States, dramatic changes have taken place in muscle tissue, causing waste (long-term storage in the body) to be suddenly removed. These rapid processes lead to a sudden detoxification reaction after treatment. In other detoxification processes, such as massage, the intensity is small, but in micro-current therapy, this detoxification process occurs very quickly. In addition, cell metabolism will suddenly accelerate.
    Side effects also include nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, and a temporary flu-like sensation. The duration of side effects is typically 4 - 24 hours and occurs approximately 90 minutes after the end of the treatment process.
    Not everyone has experienced the side effects of this treatment. As mentioned earlier, there are many ambiguities in the results of this treatment. Some people have experienced very positive results while others have experienced some side effects. In order to avoid the side effects of this treatment, the individual must discuss all health-related issues with the expert, and only then should he or she take this treatment.
    Micro-current therapy must be accompanied by proper diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. It is not a good idea to rely solely on this therapy. The risks associated with this disease are initially normal, but if they last a long time, immediate medical intervention is necessary.

    Microcurrent facial treatment reviews

    Positive Reviews

    Let's start with a variety of positive reviews from this cosmetic method. First, this is considered to be the most effective non-invasive skin treatment. This is because, due to the passage of current, the facial muscles are stimulated, not only with repair but also with slight skin tightening.
    The repair is due to an increase in facial blood circulation. According to some positive micro-current cosmetic reviews, some women claim that this therapy not only helps the skin and pores shrink, but only a few courses of micro-current facial sculpture help to make the traces of slight blemishes and pigmentation appear lighter.

    Negative Reviews

    Just as every coin has two sides, there are many negative opinions about microcurrent therapy. Some women claim that they barely see any obvious changes on their faces. They say that the skin does not seem to become tighter or softer.
    Moreover, this is not the preferred treatment for removing acne scars. In order to effectively remove acne scars, you need to perform more invasive surgery. In fact, many dermatologists believe that this therapy is outdated, and they say it is only a little better than facial beauty, not even better than microdermabrasion. In fact, microdermabrasion is also controversial in the opinion of dermatologists on skin treatment. At the same time, some people are critical of the fact that they need to repeat this treatment to get any acceptable results.
    Comparing microcurrent dermabrasion with cosmetic surgery, needless to say, the results are far from satisfactory.
    However, the truth is that if you really get out of the clinic after a course of treatment, your face will glow and you need to start healthy skin. So, in the end, it can be said that this treatment is not the answer to all facial problems, but if you really want to receive better treatment than regular facial treatment, but far from the result of plastic surgery, then this treatment may be useful to you.

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