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How To Choose Weight Loss Machine

What Is A Good Weight Loss Machine?

Many obese people have tried diet pills, dieting and liposuction for weight loss, but these methods are very unhealthy. In order to be able to get healthier and faster to lose weight, so many weight loss devices have been developed in the market. We can choose ultrasonic cavitation machine}}, RF radio frequency machine, lipo laser machine and fat freezing machine to lose weight. A good weight loss machine is not only to reduce the fat of our body, but more importantly it does not harm our health, so the choice of beauty weight loss machine is very important.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Weight Loss Machines?

Lipo Laser Body Slimming Machine

Lipo Laser Machine are generally divided into 5mw 635nm ~ 650nm, 160mw 635nm ~ 650nm and dual wavelength 650nm & 980nm diode LED laser. It works on the fat cells through the wavelength of the laser. The heat generated by the laser can dissolve some fat cells, thereby reducing the volume of fat cells. These dissolved fat cells can then be excreted through our body's metabolism.

Energy Intensity

5mw <160mw < Dual Wavelength

Ultasonic Cavitation Body Slimming Machine

Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine explodes the fat cells in our body with high-frequency ultrasound, and then excrete the waste through our body metabolism. Because it is a high-frequency ultrasonic wave, we will feel some buzzing sound during the process, which is a very normal phenomenon. However, mychway has developed unoisetion cavitation, which has greatly reduced noise. This unoistion cavitation 2.0 is recommended if it is sensitive to cavitation ultrasound.

RF Radio Frequency Weight Loss Machine

RF radio frequency weight loss machine - fat cells move rapidly under the influence of RF. Fat cell tissue can generate frictional heat, increase local temperature, and excrete excess fat and toxins through the sweat glands, intestinal circulation, and lymph, ultimately achieving the effect of dissolving fat.

Fat Freezing Cellulite Removal Machine

Fat Freezing Machine is definitely a great gift. Suitable for fat-intensive areas and fewer areas such as butterfly sleeves and back fat. Loose fat above the waist on both sides of the waist, abdominal and back fat, cooling operation can produce amazing results.

How Can We Choose The Most Suitable Weight Loss Device For Ourselves?

First of all, we need to know whether it's local fat or overall obesity, perhaps it's physical edema leads to visual obesity or true obesity.

If you are only partially obese, for example, there is more fat accumulation in the thighs, buttocks or abdomen, you can choose frozen slimming cellulite removal machine, which is very effective for weight loss in these areas. But the same treatment site can only be used once a month, because our skin requires a certain recovery period. It is also not possible to use cavitation, radio frequency or lipo laser in the treatment area after using the frozen slimming machine.

If you are overall obesity and want to lose weight in all directions, so you can consider choosing the cavitation body weight loss machine. Because the ultrasonic weight loss machine is especially effective for fat bursting, you can choose to use it for a planned weight loss. Each treatment area can be used 1 or 2 times a week. But be sure to remember that cavitation ultrasonic cannot be used on the back and face.

Generally, due to edema cause visual obesity can choose RF radio frequency weight loss machine, because RF radio frequency can tighten skin by massage, accelerate skin cell metabolism, promote blood circulation and collagen production, so you will be more suitable for RF Radio frequency weight loss.

Can We Use The Weight Loss Device Every Day?

Our body's cells and skin have a time to repair themselves, so we need to give us some time to repair after we have used the weight-loss shaping machine.

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  • Cold Hammer For Calming Down The Facial Skin
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