As we all know, in the past, people often said that women are pleasing to others. But in modern times, women love beauty, not for men, or other people, but to make themselves live beautiful and beautiful, in order to pursue a higher quality of life. In daily life, because of the nature of girls' love, we often spend a lot of time and money to buy some whitening and hydrating skin care products for maintenance. In fact, if you want to do good quality care for yourself, the process is more cumbersome, and it is not a matter of doing it once or twice, so most people are often halfway because traditional beauty salons are expensive. Imagine if you don't care for yourself and let others love you. Besides, the cost of nursing is not high. It is something everyone can accept. Why not try this cheap skincare journey? Haven't tried it. How can I know that I am not suitable for it? I believe that whether it is a housewife for a white-collar worker who works on the job, good skin and image can definitely get more communication and respect in the career. With the care and envy of husbands, family members and neighbors, only those who are willing to invest in themselves will have an extraordinary future.
That is why we want to introduce the cooled radio frequency treatment to you.

What is the cooled radio frequency treatment?

Cooled radio frequency getting more and more popular. With the increase of age, or the burden of life stress of women in the workplace, in daily life, they often do not pay attention to care, neglect the maintenance of the skin, wrinkles are slowly climbing on the face, making us gradually become older, and the skin gradually relaxes.
Cooled radio frequency treatment uses the skin cooling technology, the epidermal temperature will be reach -5 to 2 degree, and the heat energy of the wave is diffused from the inside to the outside, and the hot spot is in the dermis layer, so that the heat energy spreads to the whole layer of the dermis, and the deep temperature of the dermis is heated to 45 degree (the temperature critical point of collagen regeneration). The collagen tissue is immediately contracted, and the deep collagen is stimulated to regenerate, and the therapeutic effect is lasting and effective. And the skin does not appear red, the treatment process is safe and comfortable.

What is the function of cooled radio frequency machine? firming effect
It can make the loose skin feel the upward pulling and firming effect immediately after treatment.
2.Safe non-invasive
Non-invasive, non-surgical peeling, no anesthesia for operation, no recovery period for the skin, and does not affect the normal life of the therapist.
3.Easy and fast
No need to open the knife, only radio wave scanning, it takes only a few tens of minutes, it is easy to go, no hospitalization, no work, and it is the best wrinkle method for a lunch break.
4. Precise treatment
Fully digitally control the emission value of RF energy, release speed, impedance detection, etc., so that the operation can be accurately treated according to the similarities and differences of skin, and can be combined with the skin infrared temperature sensing system to time since the skin temperature, making the treatment safer and more effective.
5.long-lasting regeneration effect
During the two to six months after treatment, the stimulated dermis collagen will gradually proliferate, thus promoting the dermis to restore firmness and elasticity, and the wrinkles become shallower and gradually disappear.

Who will need to do the cooled radio frequency treatment?

1)People in the 28-45 age group can be both men and women.
2) People with loose skin and small wrinkles on the face.
3) People with loose body parts
4) True or false wrinkles on the face or body;
5) Repair or reduction of stretch marks in postpartum women;
6) Improve facial acne.
7) Systemic anti-aging (for neck and back tightening and shaping, chest shape adjustment, waist, and abdomen shaping, shaping hip shape, leg shape, eliminating facial baby fat, radio wave peeling effect is obvious.
8) The face is wrinkled, the eyebrows are raised, and the eyelids are lifted.
9) Improve wrinkles on the neck, turkey neck, double chin.

What do we need to pay attention when doing the cooled radio frequency treatment?

1. If the treatment range is to inject hyaluronic acid or collagen within half a year, please inform the doctor beforehand.
2. If the treatment range has been injected with artificial fillers, such as silica gel, treatment is not recommended.
3. There are heart diseases, devices with heart rhythm adjusters and pregnant women are not recommended for treatment.
4. It is strictly forbidden to wear any metal objects during treatment.
5. Do not apply makeup on the day of treatment or clean the face before treatment.

How to maintain after doing the cooled radio frequency treatment?Pay attention to sun and moisturizing
Better skin care and long lasting effect
Moisturizing and sunscreen follow-up products: antioxidant products, hydrating mask
Cooled radio frequency treatment before and after

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