As our age grows, the loss of collagen is faster, and the skin on your body and face becomes slack. After losing weight, the cellulite removal will also make the skin loose. In this case, it is necessary to tighten the skin and restore the elasticity of the skin. We need to promote the regeneration of collagen. How to achieve the regeneration of collagen? Now the more mature technology is radio frequency technology.


3D Smart RF Principle

3D Smart RF can vibrate 1 million times high-frequency radio wave per second, penetrate to the epidermis layer, directly to the dermis, deeply heating the collagen cells, then stimulate the growth of collagen fibers, which makes a lot of new collagen to support the skin and become more compact and elasticity. Then the skin becomes more tighten and lift.
The heat energy of RF can also cause fat cells broken, leading to a reduction of fat cells in the treatment area.

How Many Treatment Do I Need?

Usually, we suggest doing the rf treatment for 20-30 minutes per time, 2-3 times per week, and 8-12 treatment per sessions.

Improve Breast Shape

RF radio frequency promotes internal circulation, exercise breast muscles, make the breast full and stylish, radio frequency waves stimulate deep muscles so that the muscles to restore elasticity, relieve the problem of vice milk, sagging so that the breast is compact.

Body Contouring

Radio frequency is a logical approach to achieve skin tightening and fat reduction, We explore the practicality and value of radio frequency to achieve skin tightening and localized fat reduction in the submental, neck, and jowl areas.

Facial lifting tightening

Collagen of skin decreased by 10% every year from 25 years old. RF radio frequency increase collagen effectively can get the result of facial fullness increased, temples and apple muscles filled by for times used frequency

Before & After



1.What is The Different Between 3D RF and Normal RF?
The 3D smart RF Intelligent adjust the temperature due to the skin stick, So the client will not get burn.
The normal RF, might Cause uneven skin heat and burns the skin.
2.What Kind Of Other Product Need?
RF gel should be applied to this treatment.
3.How Long Will See the Result
You will find something different directly, But in order to keep the effect, You need to keep the treatment.
4.Side Effect
The side effects of RF are small, Most people have redness and slight swelling of the skin, which usually disappears within 1-2 days after treatment.
When using RF, it is best to use the gel to avoid burns caused by uneven skin heat.
The RF emits radiation, although experts say that it has no harm on the body, but some people are still sensitive to it. They will fill uncomfortable during the treatment, we suggest this kind of people do not use the RF.
5.What Factor Will Affect The Result?
The correct operation method is very important, It will help you to get a better result.


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