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EMS Microcurrent Suit Body Relax Health Care Device

Professional Health Care Body Massage EMS Microcurrent Equipment

  • Model:MS-121X1
  • Relieve Fatigue
  • make you relax
  • Suitable for Different gym Equipments


1.One suit of clothes with one machine, three sizes of the suit can be choosing.
2.Suitable for Different gym Equipments
3. Have a good effect on health care


By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, the electrotherapy effectively exercises muscle and nipple, relieves various of body pain, promotes blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help losing weight, lifting and firming skin and enhancing breast, bringing you a charming body line and keeping you fit.


1. Reduce cellulite on arms, abdnomen, buttocks, thighs and calf for losing weight purposes.
2. Enhance the blood circulation of shoulder, neck, back, hip and waist and vertebrae, removing body fatigue and stress.
3. Stimulate tensional tight muscle to do contracting exercises, lift and firm slack muscle and muscle mass for slimming and shaping body line.
4. Effectively treating cervical and lumber cervical and lumbar vertebrae stains due to work

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Tech Comparision

BIO Microcurrent
BIO Microcurrent
BIO Microcurrent can increase the skin's absorption and penetration of skin care products, it is good for home use.


With the development of society, people\'s pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, Thus some beauty technologies have been invented and rapidly developed. They have entered people\'s lives and become an inseparable part. Today we will talk about BIO.

What is BIO Microcurrent ?

By mimicking the body\'s biological currents, the energy of BIO through the skin into the muscles cells, stimulate the energy APT contained in cells, allow the cells back to normal function, in the shortest possible time for the customer to shape facial contours, face lifting, dilute wrinkles And shrink pores.

Compared to RF?

Rf can generate heat energy to achieve collagen tissue heating and fat cell heating, so that the temperature of the bottom layer of the skin rises instantaneously, achieving the effect of firming the skin.

The BIO electric shock is stronger than RF.

How to make The BIO Microcurrent treatment ?

Drink one cup of water before the treatment;
Clean and sterilize the treated area;
Apply gel or serum or cream on the treated area;
Adjusted the working time, energy (test it from low to high), then operate on the treated areas.


Using BIO, the skin\'s absorption and penetration of skin care products can be increased by 10-20 times, and the skin tissue cell metabolic cycle is shortened by 30%. Thereby smoothing wrinkles, tightening the skin, correcting facial contours, delaying skin aging, enhancing the skin\'s ability to resist ultraviolet rays, promoting eye blood circulation, removing eye bags, and eliminating the dark circles.

In addition, BIO plays a role in regulates the blood, improves the metabolism and circulation function of skin tissue, whitening and blemishes.

BIO can also dredge breast, stimulate the re-development of breast cells, breast enhancement, prevent and treat various breast diseases, and create a healthy curve.

Does BIO Microcurrent has any risk ?

The side effect is to make the skin thinner. If you are dry skin, you must first do a good job of hydrating. Otherwise, the skin would easily become sensitive; after you do, you must pay attention to moisturizing and protection, such as if you stay a long time before the computer. The isolation cream must be used. Otherwise, it will be easy to grow spots.

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  • EMS Microcurrent Suit Body Relax Health Care Device
  • Relieve Fatigue
  • make you relax
  • Suitable for Different gym Equipments