IPL Laser Hair Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Body Skin Care IPL Laser Hair Removal With Yag Nd Tattoo Removal Device

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  • Model:HR-TX001
  • IPL Hair removal
  • Yag Nd Laer Body Tattoo removal
  • Cooling RF for skin tighten and skin rejuvenation
  • BD-LS for skin rejuvenation whitening


1. The same instrument contains 3 functions, all designed for improving skin smoothness.
2.IPL laser painless permanent hair removal.
3.Yag Nd Laser And IPL Laser For Body Hair Removal And Tattoo Removal Skin Whitening
4.Easy Control For Skin Care System. Quality Material,Good Therapy Result.
5.Keep up use for long time.


The main function of IPLHair removal technology is to remove hair on all parts of the body. Its working principle is to use the laser energy of IPL to remove hair on skin tissues.The energy penetrates the tissue of the hair follicle layer.Then, the hair follicle is destroyed under the intense energy condition, the hand damaged hair follicle cell is destroyed after the death.After the death of the hair follicle cells have no ability to regenerate, hair can not be regenerated, so that the effect of permanent hair removal.

Yag Nd Laser is a very effective technique for tattoo removal.It is very effective in removing tattoos.Immediately after use will teach the effect, and safe.The technique works by using a powerful laser to break up the black pigment particles deposited on the tattoo, which are then punched out on the surface of the skin.Deeper, darker particles are expelled by the body.This can achieve the effect of tattoo removal.

The main function of secondary radiofrequency is to remove facial wrinkles and tighten the skin.It works by using radiofrequency penetrating energy to act on layers of skin tissue, stimulating muscle tissue to produce more collagen.With more collagen, the skin can be lifted and elastic.More compact.


1.Remove wrinkles and lift the skin.
2.The entire muscle tissue is rejuvenated.
3. Freckle, chloasma, age spot, sunburn, chorionic plaque, etc.
4. Pigment removal: facial redness, capillary redness, acne, bottle nose, etc.
5. Hair removal: armpit hair, hairline, beard, beard, lip hair, body hair, bikini or other unwanted hair.

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  • IPL Laser Hair Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
  • IPL Hair removal
  • Yag Nd Laer Body Tattoo removal
  • Cooling RF for skin tighten and skin rejuvenation
  • BD-LS for skin rejuvenation whitening