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Vacuum RF Slimming Machine


Working hard during the day, often sitting and not exercising at night, the phenomenon of over-obesity appears more and more frequently. Because there is not enough time to exercise, many fat people are always very upset at stubborn fat on the belly. Worry not, there is a slimming method that allows you to achieve your goal of body slimming without going out, which is vacuum RF slimming treatment. So what is vacuum RF slimming exactly? And how does it help you with your slimming goals?


Simply, vacuum RF slimming is a weight-loss treatment that uses vacuum suction and RF technology to reduce fat in the treated area. Typically, it combines with ultrasonic cavitation treatment working for fat cells together. These treatments will achieve the obvious result of inch loss if you do a reasonable and long-lasting treatment.

What Is Vacuum RF Treatment?

Vacuum RF treatment is a simple procedure that combines vacuum suction and radio frequency function to lose fat and get a slimmer figure instead of traditional plastic surgery.


What Does Vacuum RF Treatment Do?

Vacuum suction movement massage your body to effectively improve the fluidity of body fluids between human cells, boost the blood circulation of microvessels. Radiofrequency heating skin dermis layer to stimulate the production of more collagen, tighten your skin and promote the metabolism of the human body. Vacuum RF treatment not only helps fat reduction and body sculpting but also massage your treated area and accelerate the discharge of body fat and waste.

What Are The Benefits Of A Vacuum RF Treatment?

Vacuum RF treatment is a non-invasive procedure that helps fat loss and body contouring, which is safe and comfortable during the process.

Unlike plastic surgery, no need to use anesthetics when doing the vacuum RF treatment, it doesn’t cause any damage to your treated area, and you won’t feel any pain and discomfort.

3.No side effects
It doesn’t bring any side effects basically, after vacuum RF slimming treatment, you will see a little redness on the treated area, but it will disappear soon.

4. Good result
One of the biggest benefits of vacuum RF treatment is the gradual reduction of stubborn fat in the target area. Generally, after 5 to 6 sessions treatment, you will see a good result.

What Are The Treatment Areas For Vacuum RF Treatment?

In most cases, this slimming treatment is widely used for the fat dissolve and sculpting of arm, abdomen, waist, thigh, and back, besides, it also help to tighten and lift buttock.

What Is The Procedure Of Vacuum RF Treatment?

Firstly, apply some cream or gel on your body area, and massage the treated area for 5 to 10 minutes, until it absorbed into your body completely.
Secondly, use ultrasonic cavitation handle to explode the fat cells on the treatment area around 20 to 30 minutes.
Finally, use the vacuum with RF handle to massage your body area for 10 to 15 minutes, to remove the broken fat cells out of your body.

Recommended Treatments

Typically, total 8 - 10 sessions for three courses of treatment recommended, 30-45 minutes one treatment, in the first course, 2-3 times a week, 3 days apart, then in the second and third course, once half a month.

How Much Are The Vacuum RF Treatment?

The cost of vacuum RF treatment varies from the different city, aesthetic provider, or different treatment area, but you can expect to pay $150 and $250 per session typically.

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1. Is A Vacuum RF treatment Safe?
Yes. This is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure, doesn’t require any recovery time.

2. Does Vacuum RF Treatment Really Work?
Vacuum suction air pressure and radiofrequency technology work for treatment area together, to achieve the purpose of fat reduction and body slimming. It may take 1-2 courses treatment to see the obvious effect.

3. Are There Any Side Effects To This Treatment?
There are rarely any side effects, this treatment may cause slight skin redness, but it will disappear immediately.

4. What Are The Instant Result I Can Expect?
Most clients will experience simple fat loss after first-course treatment. More obvious slimming results will be experienced after the second and third course of treatment.

5. How Does It Feel Like During Vacuum RF Treatment?
Patients may experience warm heat during treatment due to the energy from radiofrequency on the vacuum handle.

6. How Long Does Vacuum RF Treatment Result Last?
Typically, it will last a long if with continuous treatment and healthy diet and regular exercise.

7. How Often Can You Do Vacuum RF Treatment?
We recommend 8-10 sessions spaced 3 days apart for the first course, then once a week.

8. What Should Pay Attention To Before Vacuum RF Treatment?
Do not wear the metal device on your body before treatment, you should drink plenty of water.

9.Aftercare For Vacuum RF Treatment?
To keep an optimistic result, after vacuum RF treatment you should take sufficient exercise, regular & healthy diet. Also, drink enough water.

Vacuum RF Slimming Machine Treatment Areas

In most cases, this slimming treatment is widely used for the fat dissolve and sculpting of arm, abdomen, waist, thigh, and back, besides, it also helps to tighten and lift buttock.

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