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Radio Frequency Machine


Radio-Frequency body slimming and face lifting is to carry on heating to the adipose cell, bring about adipose cell to decompose, pass liver metabolize excretion outside the body, achieve the purpose that dissolves fat to reduce weight. At the same time, it can also heat the collagen in the deep dermis of the skin, making it tightly arranged to achieve the effect of firming the skin. After treatment, excess proud flesh is removed and the livelong curve is fully revealed.

How RF Radio Frequency Work?

1. Enhance local blood circulation. The heat generated by radio frequency causes fat cells to consume their own energy. The triglyceride is decomposed into fatty acids, glycerol, etc. and then excreted through metabolism. After the fat cells burn, the volume is reduced, and finally the purpose of slimming is achieved. The whole process will only produce continuous autonomically controlled heat energy inside the body, which is very safe.

2. Through the bio-heat caused by the fibrous separation of the dermis, activate the dermal fibroblasts, stimulate the myofibroblasts to produce the original glue, strengthen secretion, thereby breaking the rigid collagen lateral connection device, to increase skin elasticity, promote Formation and recombination of new collagen. Improve the texture of the skin, and achieve the effect of firming and slimming.


RF Radio Frequency Benefits

1. Radio frequency body slimming is accurate.
RF radio frequency body slimming is calculated according to computer digital technology, preoperative fat thickness measurement, the deepest can be located the target fat group of 6 cm under the skin, thus ensuring the accuracy and accuracy of the fat-soluble layer, this technology is very large To the extent that the characteristics of the waist can be effectively corrected. It takes only 30 minutes for a treatment, and the ideal effect can be seen in 30 days.

2. RF radio frequency body slimming is safe and painless. RF radio frequency uses patented ring electrode technology to ensure that the radio waves emitted by each RF are distributed very evenly, mainly for the subcutaneous fat layer, which will not cause skin trauma. The RF radio frequency body slimming instrument has built-in advanced program, micro memory memory chip and matching. Safety equipment such as advanced electrothermal temperature sensors for the treatment of the probe to protect the epidermis from burns.

3. No rebound . The number of fat cells in adults is certain. Obesity is not an increase in the number of fat cells, but the individual model of fat cells becomes larger. The fat-soluble thin waist shape is reduced by fat, not moisture, and the formation of fat is It takes a long time to build up, so it is not easy to rebound.

4. RF radio frequency improves skin quality. The radio frequency radio frquency cosmetic effect is more and more perfect, and it is the only beauty system in the world with single bipolar radio frequency fat dissolving and multi-pole radio frequency lipolysis. RF radio frequency advanced water molecule resonance technology, the tissue is rapidly warmed and maintained. When collagen is heated, it will shrink immediately, collagen will renew and proliferate, and the skin will be tightened by collagen renewal, making the skin firm and smooth.

5. Keep long effect. Because the new collagen has been continuously produced after treatment, the skin will be improved every day. And will achieve more significant, satisfactory results in about 4-6 months.

What Does RF Radio Frequency Treatment Can Do?

1. Cellulite treatment and body contouring.
2. Tighten loose skin and shrink pores.
3. Remove true and false wrinkles and smooth out the wrinkles.
4. Improve eye bags and remove dark circles.
5. Improve the dark complexion and whiten skin.
6. Tighten double chin and neck wrinkles.
7. Concave and convex holes, acne, pigment marks, rapid repair, dodge.

RF Radio Frequency Treatment Recommend

Facelift: radiofrequency facelift treatment can comprehensively eliminate decree lines, necklines, forehead lines, eye lines, nasal back lines, mouth lines, double chin, in addition, it can tighten cheeks and chin, with incomparable advantages.

Fat dissolve and body contouring: after liposuction treatment, not only can tighten the skin, smooth concave and convex, fat-dissolving effect can also play a role of local fine-tuning, consolidate and strengthen the liposuction effect, make you slimmer and more symmetrical.

Postpartum repair: postpartum cannot be restored to the state before production in time, appear skin slack, figure change, skin quality is not equal undesirable phenomenon

Course of Treatment and Recovery Time

1. Each radiofrequency treatment takes about half an hour, 4-6 times is a course of treatment, and each treatment interval is 2-3 weeks.
2. Skin firming can be observed on the day of treatment, and further improvement can be observed after 2-6 months.
3. No postoperative response after treatment, people can immediately normal work and life.

RF Radio Frequency Treatment Risk

Radiofrequency treatment is relatively safe and generally less adverse reactions and complications. Some people’s skin would be aglow after treatment but can restore normal after 1-2 hours commonly. A rare complication is that the high temperature at which the monopoles are exothermic may burn the skin.

The Candidates for RF Radio Frequency Treatment

Radiofrequency treatment is suitable for people who want to improve sagging skin. It can reduce small wrinkles and improve sagging of the face, around the eyes, chin, neck and arms. For stretch marks, buttocks and thighs of orange peel-like change effect, RF radio frequency treatment is also more useful. In addition, it can also play a very good role in body sculpture.

Taboo Crowd

1. Skin malignant or precancerous lesions.
2. Those who are allergic to extreme cold and heat irritation.
3. Increased intracranial pressure, arterial obstructive disease, glaucoma, inflammatory acne patients.
4. Install a pacemaker in the body or a metal implant in the body.
5. Patients with local infectious skin diseases and open skin lesions.
6. Patients with epilepsy and mental illness.
7. Patients with severe cardiopulmonary liver and kidney dysfunction.


1. Preparation before and after treatment?
Radiofrequency treatment does not require special preparation and can be performed normally after treatment. Some people will have after treatment, generally disappearing within 1-2 hours.

2. What should pay attention to when treating?
Do not wear any metal products on your body. Do not use cosmetics during treatment.

3. Application Range
Cheek, eye circumference, crow's feet, forehead, nasolabial groove, neck, chest, upper arms, abdomen, etc

4. How do you feel during treatment?
Patients may experience mild burning during treatment. At this point, the doctor will adjust the energy according to the response, in order to get better treatment effect.

5. How long does each treatment take?
The duration of treatment varies from 20 minutes to about two hours, depending on the size of the site

6. The effect after treatment?
After treatment, as a result of skin collagen hyperplasia, it can help to restore the skin elasticity, make the skin become delicate, elastic, skin wrinkles also reduce.

7. How long does it take to see the effect?
On the day after treatment, the recovery of skin elasticity can be seen. The skin will improve further within 2-6 months due to the gradual regeneration of collagen in the dermal layer of the skin.

8. Can radiofrequency treatment replace surgical skin tightening?
Although radiofrequency treatment is a non-operative method with significant effect, radiofrequency treatment is generally not used in patients with obvious loose tissue and those over 60 years old. radiofrequency treatment has a significant advantage when
skin begins to sag gently and moderately with small wrinkles.

9. How long does the wrinkle effect last?
The sustained effect of radiofrequency treatment is related to the degree of physical aging. The satisfactory effects can last at least three years or longer, the report said. The length of maintenance time may also vary with individual skin natural aging rate.

Radio Frequency Machine Aesthetics Technology

With the development of the society, people recognize that it is very import for Skin Rejuvenation (skin tighten, skin lifting, skin whiten, wrinkle removal and so on). There are now so many home and salon radio frequency (RF) skin tighten lifting machines on the market, which increased the difficulty to choose the suitable machines for different person. Mostly, they are divided into two parts. One is the normal RF, the other one is the 3D Smart RF.

Introduce the background of facial rf radio frequency, the principle of rf, the different between rf, fractional rf and HIFU. RF functions, Side Effects And Risks.

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Radio Frequency Machine Treatment Areas

RF energy is able to penetrate deep into the skin and affect the deeper dermis it is ideal for those who wish to effectively contour the body.
The radio frequency machine can be used to treat the entire body, including the face (jowls, cheeks, brows, forehead), neck, underarms, stomach, buttocks, and inner and outer thighs.

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