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7in1 Multifunctional Oxygen Injection Activating High Purity Skin Care Therapy Machine

  • Model: SR-040 Item ID: #295 brand: MYCHWAY
  • USD 1280.00


It is a 10-megapixel high-definition macro camera combined with tri-spectral imaging technology to collect facial skin details images, through the intelligent diagnosis and analysis of the artificial intelligence core engine, 8-dimensional detailed detection of skin problems, and according to the diagnosis results, personalized beauty care solutions and intelligent recommendation professional Skin care products;

Combined with AI skin test diagnosis results, targeted skin care products and other skin care items, and developed skin detection and management multi-function equipment.


Vacuum range 700mmHg

Output control: touch screen & handle switch

Gold RF: fast response multi-pole (energy 10-level adjustment)

Electrophoresis: 1MHZ (energy 10-level adjustment)

Ultrasonic: 1MHZ (energy 10-level adjustment)

Cooling head: water-cooled & air-cooled (energy 10-level adjustment)

Ultrasonic Scrubber: 25KHZ (energy 10-level adjustment)

Ion spray gun pen: 2000mmHg

Interface: 10.1 inches, computer touch screen

Input voltage: 110-240V 50-60HZ 150AV

Product Features:

1) All-in-one: This product integrates skin detection, customized beauty plan, product push; basic beauty care, epidermal keratin cleansing, deep cleansing, deep hydration repair, anti-aging maintenance, sedative repair and other functions in one, multi-function , The market demand is great.

2) High comfort: The design of the handle conforms to the principles of ergonomic mechanics, the material has a strong skin-friendly feeling, and the body feels comfortable.

3) Functional principle: The core principle of this product is 3 spectrum sampling, AI intelligent skin measurement, AI intelligent product push, and AI beauty plan customization; six nursing functions: "Ultrasonic scrubber", "hydra oxygen cleansing", "hydra oxygen hydrating" , "Ultrasound", "RF", "Cooling therapy".

4) Simple operation: AI intelligent analysis, convenient operation, easy to use, no surgery, no skin breakage, strong safety

Packaging List:

1) Main machine (1 unit)

2) Power cord (1 piece)

3) Hand cable (1 set of 6),

4) Hand tools: Hydradermabrasion  tools x1

Ultrasonic scrubber tools x1

Nano atomizing spray handpiece x1

RF handle x1

Cooling Handdle x1

Ultrasonic handle x1

5) Solution bottle ABC (1 each)

6) Solution bottle D (1 pc)

7)Sewage bottle (1 pc)

8) Hand tool bracket (1)

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