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Home Use Facial Steamer Mask Moisturizing Instrument

  • Model: LT-110M Item ID: #223 brand: MYCHWAY
  • USD 128.00

Model: LT-110M

Facial steam mask

A steam mask beauty instrument that can moisturize, lift skin, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, make your facial skin moister, more lustrous, and make your face more tightening, lifting and looks younger. And you can use it at home by yourself.

How to use this facial steam mask?

-Turn on electricity

-Press the power on button to turn on the beauty machine, the display will light up, and the icon on the screen will flash. The instrument is in the preheating process, select the working time and mode, and the machine will start to work after the preheating (time is 1 minute).

-Working mode (Mode A: working for 5 seconds, stopping for 5 seconds / Mode B: working for 10 seconds, stopping for 10 seconds)/ Mode C: work for 20 seconds, stop for 20 seconds /Mode D: work for 30 seconds, stop for 30 seconds)

-The temperature (steam) can be adjusted by temp + / Temp -


Controller Input Power:DC24V/3.0A

AC Adapter Input: AC 100V 240V, 60Hz/50Hz

AC Adapter Output: DC 24V/3.0A

Treatment Area: Facial


Product Size:280*210*140mm

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