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Portable Laser Heat Eye Massage Anti Wrinkle Machine

Electric Laser Heat Eye Massage Machine Anti Wrinkle Dark Circle Puffiness Removing Machine

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  • Model:SR-ME002
  • Firming around the skin around the eyes
  • Tighten skin, remove fine lines
  • Eliminate dark circles
  • High frequency
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  • Portable Laser Heat Eye Massage Anti Wrinkle Machine
  • Firming around the skin around the eyes
  • Tighten skin, remove fine lines
  • Eliminate dark circles
  • High frequency

Laser ophthalmic

Single point laser eye instrument specializes
in the elimination of under eye circles

Eye care as early as possible, can not look old

Do you have any of this problems?

Dark circle

Insufficient eye nutrition and slow circulation lead to dark circle; metabolic waste is deposited under the eyes.

Under Eye Bags

Early aging of fascia around eyes;
Aging is mostly to blame.


Drinking too much water before bed leads to poor lymphatic metabolism.Excessive liquid accumulation.

Fine lines

Structural changes resulting from the degeneration of elastic fibers, The loss of collagen is gradually formed.

Time goes by fast.
How can we keep eyes bright?

The Difference Between LASER and LED

Laser probe internal electronic

Laser beauty eye The laser electronic components can generate high energy, focus accurately, and have some penetrating power.The monochromatic light, which acts on the subcutaneous tissue and produces high heat in the local area, thus eliminating eye bags, dark circles, edema and other eye problems. LED LED light is the principle of using a strong light source to irradiate the skin. After filtering, some wavelengths of light are left to irradiate the skin. And because It is a composite light, which has a relatively large heat effect. When used improperly, it will burn the skin.

Electricity once the probe Plastic electric ferry material

Stainless steel probe Safety of stainless steel 304

Light source unfocused

Focusing of infrared laser elements

Constant heat nano laser

Continuously output laser mode

43℃ constant heat, also be used for sensitive skin, deep skin
soft care, allowing the eyes to quickly relax, stimulate collagen
regeneration, lighten melanin deposition, eliminate bags under
the eyes.

650 nm laser

Pulse output laser mode

650 nm wavelength produces high-energy in the dermis, achieving
the removal of dark circles, bags under the eyes, diluting the acne
mark in effect.

Quickly import nutrients

Through the principle of laser penetration heating, it can help reach into skin 5
mm faster to absorb the eye cream, essence etc., keeping skin moisturized.

5 minutes can relieve eye skin
after worked 1 hour

Laser deep heat, effectively dilute
the dark circles, so that the skin
is more tender and shiny skin.

Insist on using

Trust that technology and time will give you what you want

If you can solve all skin problems at once, I'm sorry, you’ve been lied to!

Dilute dark circles,
bags under the eyes
Bags under the
eyes improved
The eye
smooth shiny

Accentuate a woman’s natural beauty

Beautiful eyes

Step 1: apply the eye cream

Take the right amount of eye cream with your finger and turn it from the inner corner of your eye,The temple is gently smeared

Step 2: two-way massage

Massage the laser head from the inner corner of the eye to the temple,Slow motion massage (eye microclosure)

Step 3: point massage

According to the point position in the figure, do point array pressure , Stop for 10 seconds, repeat 2-3 times

Step 4: circle nursing

Laser massage head around eye circle, general3-5 laps (please move in one direction)

Product parameter

You will receive it in the package

USB power cord can be used with adaptor or charger

One mainframe
USB power supply cord
Instruction book
Certificate of approval

Every detail is carefully designed for you

Laser eye protection for your eyes

Ergonomic detail design

Think what you think

One-click operation
Easy to use

Press for 1 sec to turn on the device
Mode 1: continuously laser output
Mode 2: pulse laser output

The stainless steel laser probe
is suitable for all skin types

Laser irradiation
A precise focus
Beautiful eyes bright eye

USB Charging
Long lifespan

No batteries, green energy
Full charge can be used for 60min
(with adapter charging)

Warm tips: 1.The laser massage head touches the skin to begin nursing, and recommends that each part be massaged for 2-3 minutes 2.Wipe the head with a wet cloth or a wet paper towel before and after use 3.Massage head is made of titanium alloy. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it