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Rechargeable LED Photon Therapy Beauty Massage Handle

Supersonic Ultrasonic Rechargeable LED Color Therapy Photon Import Rejuvenation Beauty Massage Handle

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  • Model:NM-SKF1650
  • Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation
  • LED blue light treatment Eliminate acne and reduce
  • LED red light treatment Speed up the metabolism
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  • Rechargeable LED Photon Therapy Beauty Massage Handle
  • Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation
  • LED blue light treatment Eliminate acne and reduce
  • LED red light treatment Speed up the metabolism

Blackheads&Pores Little Dolphin


Professional probe


Ultrasonic & LED photon


Reduce blackheads


N.W 80g


USB port


Large pores
Rough skin
Dull skin
Loose skin

How many threats your pores are facing daily?

Dust, bacteria, PM2.5, incomplete cleaning , makeup residue;
horny aging accumulation, excessive sebum secretion;
blackheads, white heads, acne, large pores, rough skin and so on.


Are you still doing your same routine?

Man-made damage cause more skin problems!

Pull and pull = Pore damge = Repeatedly

Squeeze by hand Rough and no effect,
bacterial infection.
Nose sticker Pore become bigger,
follicles damaged.
Export liquid Stimulation,
easy to allergies.
Needle Not clean,
damage the skin.


2 Function in 1 Little Dolphin

Scientific nursing pores

Small dolphins combined with the skin and air environment, specially developed pore cleaner,
scientific PM2.5 against skin damage, to alleviate the problem of different pores,
a comprehensive care of pores.

Innovative design

Ergonomic dolphin design

Fit the skin, easy to use

Gentle care,
no pain no harm.

Probe with cotton
pad, deep cleaning.

Superior stainless
steel, safe and durable.

Feature design

Ultrasonic + Red&Blue LED

Clean & Import & Repair

1,000,000 times/second

High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning

High-efficiency ultrasonic technology

More thorough cleaning

Hands wash Clean Can only clear the Surface dirt
Hands wash Clean Lighter Cleanliness
With ultrasound ion device Remove deep dirt from the pores
With ultrasound ion device Obvious effect

Ultrasonic atomizate molecules
of essence to help import nutrition

Ultrasound decomposite nutrients, help the essence import into the muscle to make skin tighten.

Facial ask absorption comparison

Moisture test result Absorb less
Moisture test result Moist 41%,Oil 28%
With ultrasound ion device Absorb less
With ultrasound ion device Moist 58%,Oil 27%

Red and blue light accessibility


Wavelength: 650-730 nm

Stimulate the production of collagen. Best
for fine lines,reduce pore size, swelling
after surgery.

Blue LED

Wavelength: 430-450 nm

Fight Porphyrins owing to the high affinity
with this wavelength, treat acne. And 
calming presents to be effective on


Skin cleaning usage

Apply with cotton pads, foaming cleanser or clean make-up water, striper pore refining.

Recommendation: Model OT-AC071 cotton pads.

Import usage

Apply with serum/essence, mask, toner, moisturizers and creams.

Recommendation: Model OT-AC073,OT-MASK01,OT-MASK02,OT-MASK03, OT-MASK.

Before & After

Production information

Model: KF-1650
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 3W
Type of Battery: Lithium battery

Massage head

USB charging port


Lamp shade with
good light penetration

Intense/blue light

Switch on/off

Gentle/red light

Main body