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Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Anti-aging System

Face Body Home Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal Painless Beauty Anti-aging Smooth System

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  • Model:HR-541
  • Permanent hair remove
  • Body hair care
  • Sensors designed to prevent an empty flash, better
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  • Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Anti-aging System
  • Permanent hair remove
  • Body hair care
  • Sensors designed to prevent an empty flash, better

Mini IPL

Painless Permanent Laser

Hair Removal

Is your choice right?

10 minutes painless

permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal

Finish with smooth skin

Time to say goodbye to hair

5 Parts/Hair Removal So Easy !

HR-541 is not only safer but also faster


Painless Hair Removal

IPL is intense pulsed light, a form of light therapy, used for various dermatological procedures, including hair removal. It's the most effective way to remove hair permanently at home.


Glossy Skin Like A Bady Only Need 8 Weeks


Upgraded Version

200,000 pulses, 5 times of similar products
Lifespan: 7-8 years


6 Advantages


Five Levels to Fifferent Usage


Item Homeuse IPL Hair Removal
Screen LED screen
Voltage DC12V
MAX. Wattage 36W
Storage Temperature 15-35 ℃
Working Temperature 15-35 ℃
Size 3*1cm(3cm)
Lifespan more than 300,000 times
Color Pink
Technology Intense Pulsed Light


EU Standards Secure&Painless

IPL-Professional and effective,a safe tech
nology for hair removal without damage to
skin. It is a mature beauty technology
which has long been recognized
internationally and very popular in many


Q1.How long does it take to remove hair permanently by using IPL hair removal device?

Usually it takes 10-12 times to remove hair permanently.Once a week for 3-4 times,then fortnightly for 6-10 times,and once a month for 10-12 times.

Q2 When can i see the removal effect?

You’ll find the hair follicles is shedding naturally after using 8 weeks. Usually it’s falling down when showering.

Q3 How long should I use per time?

It’s depending on the place you are using for.About 15-30 minutes for legs,5-10 minutes for armpit,you can decide it.

Q4 Does IPL strong lighting do harm to skin?

The IPL lighting only absorb by melanin in hair follicles,no harm to skin.And we passed CE AND FCC certrificate

Q5 Why can’t I use IPL after sunbathing?

Because there are a log of melanin in the skin after sunbathing.Using IPL hair removal after sunbathing will increase the risk of dermatitis,like burn,blister etc.Please keep away from IPL hair removal after sunbathing!

Q6 How to finish after hair removal treatments?

Just keep clean and no sun after IPL hair removal.You can use sunscreen or wear clothing to cover the skin.