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Unoisetion+Sexutpolar RF Vacuum+Bipolar +Quadrupole +Dermabrasion+Spray+Photon

Unoisetion+Sexutpolar RF Vacuum+Bipolar +Quadrupole +Dermabrasion+Spray+Photon Replacement Fits

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  • Model: YH6601-SRTP02 Item ID: #1002155 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 with Photon Probe for Body SculptureSexutpolar SMART RF Vacuum with Photon Probe for Body ShapeBipolar SMART RF with Photon Probe for Eyes' AreaQuadrupole SMART RF with Photon Probe for Facial CareDermabrasion Microdermabrasion Skin RejuvenationVacuum Spray Diffuser for Skin Treatment
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This YH-6601 combines 6 theories ,they are
• Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 with Photon for Body Sculpture
• Sexutpolar SMART RF Vacuum with Photon for Body Shape
• Bipolar SMART RF with Photon for Eyes' Area
• Quadrupole SMART RF with Photon for Facial Care
• Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation
• Vacuum Spray Diffuser for Cooling and Hydrating Effect.


YH-6601 Utlizes Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 with Photon plus Sexutpolar SMART RF Vacuum with Photon for Body Slimming and Shape

Features of Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 with Photon
Unoisetion New Cavitation Technology--Annoying noise in ears caused by cavitation will be reduced 3 times,the clinical data indicated, more comfortable weight loss experience for you
Intelligence frequency adjustment technology can adjust the frequency according to the temperature of the derma during fat dissolve, people will not feel very hot during treatment, it is comfortable warm
As we all know,more hotter the cavitation head, more shorter life time for cavitation head, so about 10 times working time can be prolonged by this new intelligence frequency adjustment technology and resulted in much money can be saved
On the other hand, the output power will be enhanced and its effective result can be seen fast
unoisetion utilizes the intelligent calibration technology what means it can adjust the frequency during whole treatment and calibratethe error of frequency by itself to make the output frequency keep the same frequency as before,in this way, the unoisetion cavitationwill make the result of body shape more effective(3 times as long as normal cavitation) and the handles’ lifetime will be 10 times more than normal cavitation

Sextupole 3D SMART RF with Vacuum&Photon

3D SMART RF technology featuring AUTOMATICALLY ,INTELLIGENT,CONTROL SYSTEM that simultaneously RF energy output and Photon Therapy ,with the ability to deliver safe and effective treatments with SUPERIOR treatment CONTROL, PRECISION TARGETING and BROADER DERMAL PENETRATION for maximum results in minimal time.
Simultaneously, the unique vacuum therapy and photon therapy maximizes the penetration of 3D SMART RF energy in the treatment area and also increases local blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and assists in the shrinkage of fat cell volume.
Sextupole 3D SMART RF with vacuum &photon assists in the Metabolism of Large Fat Granules previously ruptured by cavitation in treatment of Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 40K

Body Sculpture
The procedure takes place in four stages.
Stage 1-2. The slimming treatment - Sextupole Smart RF w/Vacuum lipolysis 5 minutes first, then Unoisetion treatment , dissolves fat cells and gives immediate slimming results.
Stage 3-4. Once the slimming treatment is finished the application of a vacuum drainage technique is used, followed by Six-Polar SMART Radio Frequency skin tightening. This is the best approach to reduce cellulite and any sagging skin related to the loss of fat from that area.
Hydration is a very important component of the successful UNOISETION treatment. You need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, starting one week before your treatment. Choose an area you want to treat and start moisture that area daily, after your morning shower, and at night.
Treatment Time: 20 minutes each treatment area/each treatment

Use sextupole SMART RF w/vacuum lipolysis 5 minutes first to active the subcutaneous fat and promote blood circulation ,following the Unoisetion transducer glides over the selected fatty area, with the "Anti-cellulite” treatment gel or ultrasound gel. The sensation is best described as a hot stone massage.
The unoistion delivers a concentrated low frequency ultrasonic beam, which liquefies the local fat deposit. The ultrasound selectively disrupts fragile fat cell membranes, through thousands of microscopic implosions thus increasing its permeability; this does not affect the nearby tissues such as skin, arteries and peripheral nerves. It is completely painless and free of harm.
The excreted triglyceride content from disrupted fat cells releases into the surrounding tissues and then enters the metabolic pathways to be processed into glycerol and free fatty acids (FFA) used for energy production. Water-soluble glycerol enters into interstitial fluids and lymphatic circulation, and the insoluble FFA travels to the liver, where they are processed like any dietary fats.
Usually after the reduction of subcutaneous fat layers, skin loses elasticity and gains laxity; in this case the SMART RF (Radio Frequency) Skin Tightening treatment offers tremendous help and is an essential component of anti cellulite therapy.
Treatment Time: 20 minutes each treatment area/each treatment

This vacuum lipomassage is performed to finish the treatment as this helps to transport the emulsified fat into the lymphatic system. Furthermore, the liberated fat from the adiposities is metabolised by the liver and excreted in the urine, so it is recommended to drink plenty of water, both on the day of treatment and on the subsequent days as well.
The Sextupolar SMART RF( Radio Frequency) Skin Tightening Treatment increases the temperature on the sub dermal level. This shortens the collagen fibers and stimulates the fibroblast cells, which in turn produces the new collagen and restores the elastine- collagen network, smoothing out the cellulite and tightening the skin. During each Radio Frequency Treatment you will feel a brief sensation of heat with little to no discomfort.
Treatment Time: 20 minutes each treatment area/each treatment

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