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Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation RF Skin Tightening Machine

3in1 Ultrasonic Ultrasound Cavitation Radio Frequency Fat Reduction Beauty Machine

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  • Model: WL-516 Item ID: #1000801 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Cavitation Ultrasound for Body Fat Reduction
  • Multipole RF for Body Skin Tightening
  • Three Polar RF for Forehead, Eyes Around Wrinkles
  • USD 848.64


a. Painless with non-invasive, non-surgical cavitation RF treatment, not need recovery time for normal life and work
b. Desktop machine case, easy to bring to any where, good for spa, salon and home use
c. Appliable range: Full body shaping, eliminate cellilute tissue, dissolve fatness,weight lose,skin lifting,wrinkle removal ,skin tightening, enhance skin elasticity


The machine come with 2 different size tripolar rf handles, one is for the body and another one can do for face, the radio frequency with photon, which will warm up, then skin cells active, and collagen created.


After the radio frequency treatment, you can feel the skin is tight and face getting warm and red, but after 1-2 hours, feeling good for the treatment, and skin tightening, wrikles removal from the forehead, eyes around, and fine lines.

Tech Comparision

The cavitation releases powerful ultrasonic waves, which can speedy vibrate fattiness cells, produce countless vacuum air pocket in and out of cells, mightily impacts the fatty cells. The vacuum air pocket will break the fat cell membrane, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to be the glycerin and free fatty acid. The glycerin and free fatty acid will be out with the daily metabolism.

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