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Cooled Radio Frequency Facial Treatment Machine At Home Use

Snow Ice Cooled RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Facial Care Beauty Machine At Home

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  • Model: MS-1161 Item ID: #1005568 brand: MYCHWAY
  • RF Radio Frequency Facial Treatment
  • Cooled Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine
  • Special Design for the Sensitive Skin
  • USD 825.54


RF radio frequency skin tightening treatment is a popular facial care treatment, but there is one point that the skin of the customers\' will get burned or shocked during the whole radiofrequency skin tightening. This brings the uncomfortable feeling for the customers, that why the cooled rf radio frequency facial machine is created out.
Cooled radiofrequency skin tightening treatment can solve the uncomfortable of burning caused by rf skin tightening perfectly. The waves of cooled radiofrequency penetrate the dermis of the skin to cause the collagens restored, but the skin of the epidermis is cooled simultaneously. so the epidermis layer of skin won\'t be burned at all.


1. Precise treatment
Fully digitally control the emission value of RF energy, release speed, impedance detection, etc., so that the operation can be accurately treated according to the similarities and differences of skin, and can be combined with the skin infrared temperature sensing system to timely since the skin temperature, making the treatment safer and more effective.

2. Significant effect
With a short treatment time, long-term stimulation of collagen in the dermis is fresh, and the effect of deep treatment is firm and lasts for a long time.

3. Safe non-invasive
Non-invasive, non-surgical peeling, no anesthesia for operation, no recovery period for the skin, and does not affect the normal life of the therapist.

4. Easy and fast
No need to open the knife, only radio wave scanning, it takes only a few tens of minutes, it is easy to go, no hospitalization, no work, and it is the best wrinkle method for a lunch break.


1. Is cooled radio frequency machine painful?
No.Cooled radio frequency is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is safe and has no side effects. Because It uses a capacitively coupled electrode to transmit radio wave energy and generate an electric field across the surface of the skin into the subcutaneous tissue.

2. Does cooled radio frequency machine really work?
Yes. Cooled radio frequency uses the skin cooling technology, the heat energy of the wave is diffused from the inside to the outside, and the hot spot is in the dermis layer, so that the heat energy spreads to the whole layer of the dermis, and the deep temperature of the dermis is heated to 45 ° C ~ 60 ° C (the temperature critical point of collagen regeneration). Immediately shrink collagen tissue, while stimulating deep collagen to regenerate, lasting effective treatment effect.

3. What are the functions of cooled radio frequency machine?
Wrinkle Firming, skin Improves baby\\\'s fat, double chin, lifts loose skin around the neck.

4. Is the cooled radio frequency operation complicated?
No.No need to open the knife, only the radio wave scanning, it takes only a few tens of minutes, it is easy to go, no hospitalization, no work.

5. How much does cooled radio frequency machine cost?
Prices vary, usually cost $500-$800.


  • Basic Specification
  • RF Frequency 1MHz
  • Power Consumption30W
  • Cryogenic Temperature Range-5 to 2 Celsius
  • Heating Temperature Range38~45 Celsius

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  • ***
  • Date:08-16-2019

effective for skin lifting

  • ***
  • Date:08-08-2019

good for my snagging skin

  • ***
  • Date:08-06-2019

good effect great machine satisfy with it.

  • ***
  • Date:07-22-2019

excellent, thank you seller

  • ***
  • Date:07-11-2019

Great quality. Works perfect and fast shipping!

  • ***
  • Date:07-11-2019

I just received the item and it looks great , thank you so much

  • ***
  • Date:07-10-2019

Feeling good, I hope result better

  • ***
  • Date:07-10-2019

good effect, would recommend this to my more friends

  • ***
  • Date:07-09-2019

Great product love it

  • ***
  • Date:07-08-2019

It arrived in only few short days.

  • ***
  • Date:07-06-2019

Item arrived quicker then expected, in great condition & works way more amazing.


  • Q:Can this machine b used on the body? How soon do we see results?

    A: Glad to have your message. This machine is not recommended to use on the body, mainly for face. But we do have another one with big probe which can use on Body. Please contact us directly for more information. You could talk with us in LiveChat, which is on the bottom-right of the website. Or you could make an inquiry, we will contact you soon, and remember to check the emailbox. And It is about one month to see some improvement. Hope could help you.

  • Q:What is the cost of this machine? Does it have the same heating as the RF probes on the 6 in 1 device just with cooling effect also? Does it heat and cool at the same time?

    A: Appreciate for your review. This product adapts our newest technology, which could be hot and cold at the same time. Product details could be seen at our official shop website https://shop.mychway.com/ , you could have a look. Or make an inquiry of the product to let us know, and we will contact you soon. Or you could talk to us in LiveChat, which is on the bottom-right of the website. Hope could help you.

  • Q:test test 6

    A: jieda 6

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