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Professional UV Tool Sterilizer Disinfection Cabinet Beauty Salon Sterilizer

Professional UV Tool Sterilizer Disinfection Cabinet Beauty Salon Sterilizer Equipment

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  • Model: OT-BF209 Item ID: #1001187 brand: MYCHWAY
  • UV sterilizer
  • USD 185.63


1.UV Sterilizer
A UV sterilizer is popular and regular beauty equipment in the Beauty Salon or SPA.
This unit is specially engineered for the sterilization pf electrodes, cupping glasses, brushes, sponges, scissors, and all other accessories used by the esthetician.

2.Features and advantages of Ultraviolet light sterilizer:
1). Novel and attractive design, dropdown open modes.
2). Built-in ultraviolet radiation tube destroys DNA in cells to disinfect, the effect of sterilization is 99.9%.
3). Sterilizing and warming function can be switch easily, and the working state is shown on the indicator clearly.
4). Underneath drop, the tray is easy to remove and install, efficiently help to keep the surroundings clean as well.


1. UV Cabinet is tool sterilizer export
2. Keep the constant high temperature
3. Built-in UV lamp
4. Be used to sterilize all the accessories of beauty machine

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  • Date:07-17-2019

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  • Q:How can i sterilize the handles from the 9 in 1 machine. Thank you

    A: Hi, yes, you can use this sterilize machine to sterilize handles from 9in1 machine, face mask, or towel

  • Q:test test 6

    A: jieda 6

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