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Pro IPL Skin Rejuvenation Machine Home Electric Acne Removal

Electronic Hair Removers Beauty Device For Women IPL Machines For Home Use

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  • Model: HR-T002 Item ID: #1004601 brand: MYCHWAY
  • IPL laser for hair removal
  • IPL laser for skin rejuvenation
  • IPL laser for acne clearance
  • USD 198.33


1. 300000 pulse ipl
2. Portable and home use
3. 3 Lamps for different functions


Multi-wavelength, strong pulse, wide spectrum, color light decomposition will form light quantum, after quantifying the decomposed photon to illuminate the skin, it can reach all levels of the skin, decompose abnormal pigment cells; destroy hair follicles; close abnormal blood vessels; Collagen hyperplasia, elastic fibers rearranged, so as to achieve ecchymosis, ER nano light hair removal, remove red blood, whitening and skin rejuvenation effect. Relying on metabolism to bring abnormal pigments out of the body.


7-9 treatments, in the first 3 treatment do one treatment every week; In the following 4-9 treatments,do one treatment every 2-3 weeks; In the maintenance period,do one treatment every 2 months for area with hair regrowth. After that, you can get a very good effect in hair removal.

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