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LED Photon 3MHz Ultrasound Anti Aging Firming Lifting Device

3MHz Ultrasound LED Photon Anti Aging Beauty Salon Spa Facial Firming Lifting Beauty Device

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  • Model: SR-WD128 Item ID: #1001678 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Import the catalysis, let nutrients more fast
  • Remove spots, acne, pouch and black rim of the eye
  • Tighten the skin, increase skin elasticity
  • Good to remove wrinkle and tighten skin
  • USD 35.00


1.Simple equipment operation requiring no professional trainings.
2.Long application life, stable performance, long continuous working time.
3.Clients can apply makeup immediately after treatment
4.Strong lighting energy, intensive penetration, short time .
5.Simple repair and no special requirements for treatment environment.
6.Small volume, convenient to carry .


Ultrasonic vibration of millions of times per second, to solve the wrinkle skin aging black rim of the eye skin problems such as this with the colorful can make vasoconstriction, improved efficacy form a powerful complementary protein fiber organization, effectively solve the problem of household instrument power small, poor effect. Is the effect of home instrument is recognized as the best home beauty instrument.


Adopt special strong pulse light filling technology, can be on the premise of no damage to normal skin tissue clearance face all kinds of pigment and vascular patches, at the same time stimulate collagen hyperplasia, restore skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, reduce pore, make the ascent of the whole of the facial skin, regain health of youth.

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  • Date:08-31-2019

this machine is amazing.


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