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LED Facial Mask Eye Mask Skin Rejuvenation

LED Facial Mask And Eye Mask Tightening Our Skin Restraining Acne Eliminating Wrinkles

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LED facial mask and eye mask series developed by our company are revolutionary and inter-era beauty care products. Medical experiments have proved that effect of beauty could be achieved by making use of a specific wavelength of light effect issued by LED(light emitting diode) and that with a long term usage, the effect of beauty could be even similar to effect of beauty laser treatment but without any side effect. Moreover, this series can be used with disposable facial masks or other b./eauty products, which is of great help for the skin to absorb the disposable beauty products more quickly and effectively.

Red Light Facial Mask: inducing 5 times of collagen, tightening our skin
Promoting the proliferation skin fibroblasts and collagen, which is helpful for skin whitening, pores shrinking, and even for spots diluting; meanwhile, providing cell activation energy, promoting effectively the metabolism of aging facial epidermis, and reducing the risk of acne and pimples relapse; by pupil stimulation, increasing the melatonin hormone secretion to maintain the body’s melatonin level in the young state and adjusting and restoring the circadian rhythms not only to deepen our sleep and improve the sleep quality, but also to improve body’s functional state and defer senescence, which is more important.


1.Cleaning your face and drying it, installing the battery holder and hanging it around your neck.

2. Red light facial mask: fixing the LED mask on the face and tightening, adjusting the rear fixing strap. Please note that the LED mask’s ear clips should be fixed on the ears, or else they may fall off.

3.Linking the connecting line of the LED mask to the jack of the battery holder, turning on the battery holder to get the light for 10 to 15 minutes, and not using it over 20 minutes each time. You only use it again two hours after you used it last time. And keep your eyes closed during using the product.

4.While using it with other beauty care products: please install the all light mask first so as not to pollute the LED mask.

5.Specific beauty effects vary according to different people with different individual skin conditions. And we suggest you persist in using the product at least once a day for 7 to 14 days continuously in the hope of achieving the expected beauty effect.

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