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Lady Electronic Breast Enhancer Massager Muscle Equipment

Women's Health Electronics Enhance Breasts Make Your Chest Firming Ultrasonic Pulse Design Massager Device

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  • Model: BE-W881 Item ID: #1001599 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Effectively promote blood circulation
  • Stimulate the chest to develop again
  • Effectively prevent sagging breasts
  • Prevent breast hyperplasia
  • USD 20.00


1. Breast enhancement, augmentation, and lift
2. Promotes breast tissue vitality, detoxification of your body, improved chest circulation, and more.
3. Upgraded ultrasonic pulse design
4. CPU microcomputer technology
5. Remote control


The device uses ultrasonic pulses, creating ultra-high frequency vacuum oscillations that increase the breast's absorption and metabolism of nutrients in your body. Therefore, your breasts will be lifted and appear more full—say goodbye to sagging, flat breasts. In addition, this massage device is equipped with international CPU microcomputer technology that creates ultra-high frequency vibration and strong magnetic sound swing airflow. Furthermore, remote infrared heat technology is also used to improve the vitality of the breast tissue, improve circulation in your chest, detoxify your body, clear the meridians, and help prevent breast tenderness due to your menstrual cycle as well as cancer.


Using this machine can not only increase the absorption and metabolism of nutrients in the breast, but also make the breasts fuller. It can also improve the vitality of breast tissue, improve chest circulation, detoxify the body, dredge the meridians, and help prevent menstrual cycles and cancer. Caused by breast pain.Delay breast aging, delay the arrival of menopause.highlighting the fascinating curve and adding feminine charm.

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  • Date:07-09-2019

very nice! I want to get one.


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