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Fractional RF Dot Matrix Cooling Skin Lift Care Machine

Professional Fractional RF Radio Frequency Dot Matrix Cooling Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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  • Model: SR-JK673 Item ID: #1005226 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Fractional RF Skin Lifting Wrinkle removal
  • Cooling Handle Skin Clam Down
  • Lessen Acne and Acne Scars
  • USD 478.33


Using the unique innovative intelligent smart skin platform and lattice probe, the fraction RF will generate a proper proportion of thermal effects, heat deep skin extensively, promote collagen contraction, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite.


The low temperature will help to shrink pores and calm down the skin.


1. Luxury exclusive probe
2. Precise positioning, balanced and comprehensive treatment
3. High-energy, high-frequency, collagen rebirth
4. One time treatment, save time and effort at once
5. The long-term firming effect up to three years or more

Tech Comparision

Vacuum RF Slimming
Vacuum radiofrequency therapy can be performed throughout the body. Although the most common parts are the legs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms. It can stretch the facial muscles and lift the skin to restore the elasticity of the skin, giving your skin a firmer. Make you more beautiful and confident!!!

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  • ***
  • Date:08-08-2019

fast delivery, nice product and good service!!

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  • Date:08-07-2019

convenient to use, like it

  • ***
  • Date:07-22-2019


  • ***
  • Date:07-18-2019

machine is very good.will buy it again

  • ***
  • Date:07-12-2019


  • ***
  • Date:07-11-2019

I like it very muchhhh!!!

  • ***
  • Date:07-11-2019


  • ***
  • Date:07-10-2019

works good


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