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Electromagnetic Facial Care Device For Wrinkle Removal

Electromagnetic Wave Facial care cleaning Removing Acne Skin rejuvenation massage Magic Electrotherapy Stick

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  • Model: OT-AC016 Item ID: #1001702 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Electromagnetic waves for clean and remove dirt
  • Electromagnetic light wave for face rejuvenation
  • Electromagnetic waves for remove wrinkles
  • USD 47.50


1.Differentiation of pigment to remove the skin spots, eliminate skin pigment abnormalities
2.Promote lymph and blood circulation, improve the regeneration of the cell
3.To relieve pain, itching and calm dispel itch
4.Eliminate bacteria to kill mites, cure of smallpox smallpox


One hundred thousand times per second vibration massage , can make the maintenance product quickly absorbed until skin bottom, from the inside out to provide nutrition to the skin. Open the pores with electromagnetic waves, the use of positive ions in the electric adsorption of pores Dirt and Skin aging skin, mil removal of the daily cleansing of the cleansing failed Wash the dirt.


Daily to clean skin, maintain the skin are not up to the better effect, bacterial dirt in skin deep cleaning is no thorough, nutrition into skin, large pores,oil, blackheads, acne,aging horny face soaring caused.

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