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Brand New Glowskin O+Facial Skin Rejuvenation Oxygen Machine

New Products For Face!!! Brand New Glowskin O+Facial Skin Care Rejuvenation Oxygen Beauty RF Professional Machine

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  • Model: SR-SP20 Item ID: #1004806 brand: MYCHWAY
  • BOHR Effect C&O Handle for Supply Oxygen to Skin
  • 4D - Circle RV Handle for Skin Tightening
  • Shiny and Rehydrate Handle for Skin Moisturizing
  • Exfoliation Tightening Handle for Skin Cleaning
  • USD 970.00


1. Powerful additional features, detoxifying pen, bio wrinkle, and safer effects.
2. High-tech processing technology, operation is more accurate and simple, water and oxygen can be fully integrated.
3. Water and oxygen pressure treatment treat different parts and skin ages.
4. Ultra-cold device for more stable performance and higher safety factor


BOHR effect release oxygen to skin, Water-skinned skin, cleans the skin, removes blackheads,
Cooling and heating system, shrinks pores and enlarges pores to help resolve absorption.


The Glowskin O+ Carbon Oxygen Beauty Machine is inspired by natural hot springs and is known for inducing skin oxidation. By simulating this effect, a physical response is triggered and oxygen is delivered to the treatment area. At the same time, exfoliate the skin to create an optimal environment to inject the necessary nutrients during and after treatment. The ability of the RF layer induces the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the dermis, which makes the skin smoother and firmer, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Tech Comparision

Oxygen Jet
Oxygen Jet is a virtually painless, skin treatment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin in a fast method and provides a discernible enhancement on the first treatment session.

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