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Bio Microcurrent Face Lifting Rejuvenation Wrinkles Removal

Microcurrent Bio Electric Stimulation Photon Therapy Skin Tightening Firming

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  • Model: MS-12Y2 Item ID: #1005119 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Bio Microcurrent for Face Lifting
  • Photon Light Therapy for Skin Whitening
  • Portable Machine Easy Operate
  • USD 89.67


a. No side effects, low-cost investment, and quick high returns
b. Does not affect the normal work and life.
c. The entire process is completed without the need for surgery and anesthesia.
d. Painless treatment, comfortable physical electric microcurrent, safe and effective.


The 6th generation of bio system, uses the electric stimulation body physical treatment, low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative results.


Microcurrent will stimulate the cells, cells is active, then promote the collagen, skin will getting more smooth, firming and wrinkles removal, fine lines will gone.

Tech Comparision

BIO Microcurrent
Biological microcurrent facial Slimming system is the most advanced non-invasive facial toning system that can achieve skin rejuvenation and weight loss.
E-light applies three core technology, IPL, RF, and epidermis cooling. It combines the advantage of IPL and RF.

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