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6 in 1 Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation RF Vacuum Slimming Machine

6 in 1 Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation RF Vacuum Treatment With Vacuum Lipo Laser No Side Effects No Risk

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  • Model: MS-54D1S Item ID: #1003871 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Remove Cellulite, Body Contouring, Fat Reduction
  • Llift Buttock Contour And Elasticity
  • Belly Fat Loss, Love Handle Fat Reduce
  • Tighten Arms, Remove Bat Wings Arms
  • Lift Facial Contour, Removal Wrinkle
  • Lift Eyes Sagging & Contour, Remove Eyebag Dark
  • USD 391.88


If you looking for instant Fat Reduction Without Any Side Effects, You Must Try This Lipo Cavitation RF Lipo Laser!
As we all know, the fat is stored in special cells, and This Lipo Cavitation RF Lipo Laser adopts the latest low frequency wave of ultrasound cavitation 2.0 technology- unoisetion to lypolysis the fat cells into smapp particles, and then metabolism it into a liquid aftr focus on and destroy the fat cells in the target area. The fluid is then easily removed from the body through the lymphatic and urinary systems.
Meanwhile, then the high frequency RF, vacuum, and the lipo laser therapy also help improves the elasticity of the skin in order to help body sculpting/shaping.


- Safe, minimally-invasive procedure, it uses low levels of visible lipo laser to create a safe and painless stimulation, it is safe, effective and immediately demonstrable.
- Easy to operate. Treatments are passive and require only the correct positioning of treatment pads, it will not compromise office staff time or productivity, won’t effect life and work after treatment, fast healing time
- Treat all skin types, treat most parts of body such as neck, breasts, back, belly, waist, bottom, and arms


Each treatment lasts about 30 to 50 minutes, and we recommend every 72 hours to allow enough time for the fat to be completely removed from the body.
Although you can have up to 12 sessions, most customers will do anything between 8 and 12 before reaching the desired result.


  • 40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handpiece
  • Output PowerBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area30cm²
  • Frequency 40KHz
  • Max. Output Power20W
  • Vacuum&Bipolar SMART 3D RF Handle With Photon
  • Output PowerBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area28mm²
  • Max. Output Power60W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Wavelength of Red Photon12.5mm
  • Max. Output of Pressure-80KPa
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light
  • Sextupolar SMART 3D RF w/ Photon Handpiece
  • Output PowerBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area17cm²
  • Max. Output Power40W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Working Depth of RF6mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light
  • Quadrupole Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon
  • Output PowerFace
  • Measure of Treatment Area12.5cm²
  • Max. Output Power20W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Working Depth of RF5mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light
  • 3-Polar Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon
  • Output PowerEyes Around/face
  • Measure of Treatment Area6cm²
  • Max. Output Power8W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Working Depth of RF3mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light
  • Big Lip Laser Paddle
  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area75cm²
  • Max. Output Power10*5mw
  • Wavelength of Lipo Laser650nm
  • Small Lip Laser Paddle
  • Treatment AreaArm, Leg, Neck
  • Measure of Treatment Area12cm²
  • Max. Output Power2*5mw
  • Wavelength of Lipo Laser650nm

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  • L***ales
  • Date:05-22-2021

I have no issues with the machine so far, but I do with the customer service.
I paid for DHL fast shipping and did not get that. I had to pick it up at my Canada Post office. I ordered another machine (from someone else) that also shipped from China about 2 weeks after this was "shipped" and it arrived 2 weeks BEFORE this one.
I also checked out through the website but it didn't give me the sale price. After contacting customer service, they did nothing to resolve the issue as I don't think they understood my question despite providing screenshots.
The machine doesn't come with instructions, and the downloadable manual doesn't explain how to set it up or what the extra pieces are for. Yes there is a video on this site, but putting something in the package explaining to go to the video would have been helpful.
I didn't talk to Selina until after the order was shipped, perhaps my experience would have been different had she been my first point of contact.

  • hel***il.com
  • Date:06-09-2020

Cavitations results its not an overnight process but great alternative to surgery

  • ***
  • Date:08-22-2019

fast shipping, nice item!

  • ***
  • Date:08-16-2019

very fast delivery

  • ***
  • Date:07-20-2019

great customer service, recommended !

  • ***
  • Date:07-19-2019


  • ***
  • Date:07-18-2019

This product is great.

  • ***
  • Date:07-17-2019

very good machine, good seller, recommended !

  • ***
  • Date:07-15-2019

very good machine

  • ***
  • Date:07-13-2019

I can use this machine for both body and face, especially i love the vacuum rf probe, very comfortable.

  • ***
  • Date:07-12-2019

Just ordered it, looking forward to having it soon, nice talk with Selina, thank you

  • ***
  • Date:07-12-2019

In Love with it

Let me just start by saying that this machine really works. I have used other expensive machines and this one works the same or better. Before you start using the machine educate yourself on how to use it. Know what each head is used for. For ultimate results drink plenty of water and avoid eating fried food.

  • ***
  • Date:07-10-2019

Everything all right with my item. Good comunicación from beging. The machine works properly. Thanks

  • ***
  • Date:07-09-2019

We have bought 2 for our salon, the machine pays for itself within a few treatments, great for tightening loose skin.

  • ***
  • Date:07-09-2019

Very happy with my purchase!

  • ***
  • Date:07-09-2019

I received the machine before that I expected and works good

  • ***
  • Date:07-06-2019

Really good product, great customer service, recommended !

  • ***
  • Date:07-06-2019

Very pleased with my purchase ! Thank you!


  • Q:Was wondering if we can buy the 40k cavitation hand by itself mine broke down

    A: Hello, can not buy the handle only from website directly now, but you can contact seller person online to order it, thanks

  • Q:How many days a part can they get a full body session (especially abdominal) with cavitation and RF and laser lipo ?

    A: Hello, thanks for your comments, for difference Area, you can treat them at the same day.so for whole body, 2-3 times in a week is not a problem. thanks

  • Q:Are ur products FDA approved

    A: Hello, Thanks for your comments, yes, our machine are FDA approved. thanks

  • Q:What is the difference between 1.0 and 2.0

    A: Thanks for your asking. Cavitation 2.0 is the updated version of Cavitation 1.0. Cavitation 2.0 has less noisy and better effects than cavitation 1.0. Others are almost the same. More machine working priciples and technology introductions could be seen at our blogs webpage https://www.mychway.com/blogs. Also the treatment webpage https://www.mychway.com/beauty-treatments. Or you could talk to us by LiveChat, which is on the bottom-right of the official website https://www.mychway.com/. Or you could make an inquiry to let us know, we will contact you soon. Hope could do you a favour.

  • Q:What are the 2 small fuses used for? Does the machine need them inserted somewhere before use? If so, WHERE do they go? Thank you.

    A: Thanks for your review. Two small fuses are spare for special case. And it is no need to insert it when you start to use it. Hope to help you.

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