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5 in 1 Unoisetion Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Fat Reduction

Best 5 in 1 Unoisetion Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Body Contouring Treatment Without Side Effects, No Pain, No Down Time!

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  • Model: MS-54D1 Item ID: #1003451 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Remove Thigh Fat, Improve Dark Skin
  • Llift Buttock Contour And Elasticity
  • Burn Fat Cells, Remove Fat Belly
  • Tighten Arms, Remove Bat Wings Arms
  • Lift Facial Contour, Removal Wrinkle
  • Lift Eyes Sagging & Contour, Remove Eyebag Dark
  • USD 191.88


Are you looking for instant Fat Reduction Without Invasion Surgery?
As we all know, the fat is stored in special cells, and RF unoisetion cavitation 2.0 adopts the latest low frequency wave of ultrasound cavitation 2.0 technology- unoisetion, to break down the fat cells into smapp particles and then metabolism it into a liquid focus on and destroy the fat cells in the target area. The fluid is then easily removed from the body through the lymphatic and urinary systems.
Meanwhile, then the high frequency RF also help improves the elasticity of the skin in order to help body sculpting/shaping.


Face: Lift facial contour, removal wrinkle, improve skin elasticity.
Eyes' Around: Lift eyes sagging & contour/remove eyebag dark circles.
Neck: Remove neck wrinkle, lift & tighteing neck shape and contour.
Arm: Tighten arms, remove bat wings arms, promotes metabolism.
Waist: Burn fat cells, remove fat belly, turn to a thin waists.
Buttock: Llift buttock contour and elasticity, create peferct buttock.
Thigh: Remove thigh fat, improve dark skin, tighten thigh.


We recommend at least 3-5 days must be allowed between treatments in the same area.
Many people asked me if only one part of the body can be treated at each day? No, not only one part of the body can be treated to get rid of fat, you can treat your belly, waist, arm, thigh at the same time.
Remember to drink about 1 liter water within 1 hour before RF Unoiestion Cavitation 2.0 treatment to help the liquid fat out of the body.


  • Sextupolar Smart 3D RF with Photon Handpiece
  • RF Version3D SMART RF
  • Treatment Areabody
  • Measure of Treatment Area17cm²
  • Max. Output Power40W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Wavelength of Red Photon6mm
  • Max. Output of Pressure650nm Red Light
  • 40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handpiece
  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area30cm²
  • Frequency 40KHz
  • Max. Output Power20W
  • Vacuum & Bipolar Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon
  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area28mm²
  • Max. Output Power60W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF12.5mm
  • Depth of Pressure25.5mm
  • Max. Output of Pressure-80KPa
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light
  • 3-Polar Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon
  • Treatment AreaEyes Around /face
  • Measure of Treatment Area6cm²
  • Max. Output Power8W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Wavelength of Red Photon3mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light
  • Quadrupole Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon
  • Treatment AreaFace
  • Measure of Treatment Area12.5cm²
  • Max. Output Power20W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF5mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light

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  • ***
  • Date:07-27-2020

Not only is this machine fantastic, the support from Zelman has been outstanding. He answers all of my questions and is super helpful. I already referred 2 friends and will definitely purchase through Zelman again. Machine really shows results. Of course if you drink plenty of water along with a healthy diet the results are even better. Highly recommend this company!

  • ***
  • Date:08-20-2019


  • ***
  • Date:07-20-2019

great customer service, recommended !

  • ***
  • Date:07-19-2019

fast shipping i love the equipment.

  • ***
  • Date:07-19-2019


  • ***
  • Date:07-18-2019

This product is great.

  • ***
  • Date:07-17-2019

very good machine, good seller, recommended !

  • ***
  • Date:07-15-2019

very good machine

  • ***
  • Date:07-12-2019

It's a nice machine with nice price.

  • ***
  • Date:07-12-2019

In Love with it

Let me just start by saying that this machine really works. I have used other expensive machines and this one works the same or better. Before you start using the machine educate yourself on how to use it. Know what each head is used for. For ultimate results drink plenty of water and avoid eating fried food.

  • ***
  • Date:07-10-2019

Everything all right with my item. Good comunicación from beging. The machine works properly. Thanks

  • ***
  • Date:07-10-2019

Happy with the order

  • ***
  • Date:07-09-2019

Loving this machine for face and body!

  • ***
  • Date:07-09-2019

Super well package, good quality, easy set up and I couldn't thank more the costumer service was updating each passing day and resolving my doubts.

  • ***
  • Date:07-06-2019

Really good product, recommended !

  • ***
  • Date:07-06-2019

Really good product, great customer service, recommended !


  • Q:How do I get an instruction manual?

    A: Here is the manual in PDF "https://www.mychway.com/UserManual/MS-54D1.pdf " you can download it and check, thanks

  • Q:How can I set up energy in different areas of the body ??

    A: Hello, thanks for your comments, you can just adjust the energy on the screen directly, thanks

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