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Best Permanent Hair Removal Method IPL Acne Treatment Device

IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation Acne Removal Products Body Hair Remover Machine For Women

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  • Model: HR-T001 Item ID: #1004602 brand: MYCHWAY
  • IPL for inhibition of hair regeneration
  • IPL for acne removal and hair removal
  • IPL for skin care and rejuvenation
  • USD 198.33


1. Long power cord
2. Replaceable flash design for easy replacement of the flash.
3. Safe without side effects, painless.
4. Protection system to prevent accidental flash damage to the eyes.


Since the content of pigment clusters in the diseased tissue is much higher than that of normal skin tissue, it produces a higher temperature rise after absorption of light than the skin. Using their temperature difference to make diseased blood vessels blocke, and the pigment ruptures and decomposes without damaging normal tissues.


Using this machine, you will find that up to 80% reduction in hair regrowth in just 8 weeks, then you just need to repeat treatment as necessary to prevent re-growth. It also can achieve acne removal and skin rejuvenation.

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