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2IN1 Microcurrent BIO Body Shape Breast Enhancement Massager

Home Breast Enlarge and Microcurrent BIO Body Slimming Breast Enhancement Massage For Weight Loss Lymphatic Detox

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  • Model: WL-VS1000B Item ID: #1004922 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Cellulite Reduce
  • Breast Enlargement and Nipple Care
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Blackhead Suction and Removal
  • Buttocks Lifting
  • Facial Detox Massage
  • USD 263.75


2 in 1 Microcurrent BIO body shape breast enhancement massager is a very effective treatment through imitated biologic current and mechanical massage vacuum suction to stimulate and dredge mammary, train muscle and shape body line.


This 2IN1 microcurrent BIO massager combines microcurrent EMS pulse pads and vacuum mechanical vacuum suction massage technologies.
As we all know, vacuum and release with special massage by hand is the traditional and effective way for breast enlarger.
Mechanical vacuum massage and micro-current pulse pads stimulation can stimulate the nerves and muscle of the body to contract automatically to sculpture the body line.
That's why this 2 in 1 microcurrent BIO massager is the effective treatment machine for cellulite treatment and breast care.


- Cellulite Reduce
- Vacuum & release for breast enlargement and nipple care
- Massage and micro-current for breast lift and enhancement
- Lymphatic drainage
- Blackhead suction and removal
- Buttocks lifting


  • Basic Specification
  • Input Voltage220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Output Power25W
  • Pulse Power10-200 mw
  • Working Time0-30 min
  • N.W7.2kg
  • Product Size44cm(L)*26cm(W)*17cm(H)
  • G.W10.7kg
  • Packing Dimension50cm(L)*36cm(W)*39cm(H)
  • Vacuum Suction Pressure
  • Vacuum Power45-55cmHg
  • Suction Power48W
  • Vacuum pressure>=0.8KPa
  • Hip Lifting Cup Diameter5.8cm
  • Breast Enlarging Cup Diameter5.3cm
  • Cupping Therapy Cup Diameter8.5cm, 7cm, 6.5cm, 6.5cm(two ports), 4.5cm, 4cm(concave-convex), 3.5cm, 3cm, 2.5cm
  • Scraping Therapy Cup Diameter2.5cm
  • Private Cup Diameter3.5cm
  • Face cup1cm
  • Grease Metal Cups for Rhythm Massage8.3cm, 5.5cm, 3.3cm

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  • Date:08-10-2019

I want to buy another one.

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  • Date:08-06-2019

A good experience.

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  • Date:08-06-2019

A good experience.

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  • Date:08-06-2019

A good experience.

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  • Date:08-06-2019

A good experience.

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  • Date:08-06-2019

A good experience.

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  • Date:08-06-2019

Item arrived quickly. Great machine.

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  • Date:07-24-2019

how many treatment do I need for butt lifting?

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  • Date:07-11-2019

very comfortable, it helps me massage, like it

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  • Date:07-11-2019

good effects

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  • Date:07-10-2019

very useful

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  • Date:07-08-2019

How much to USA

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  • Date:07-08-2019

Good value and great seller.


  • Q:What’s the difference with the voltage?

    A: Yes, it is 110V and 220V, you can choose the corresponding one according to the voltage used in your country. thanks

  • Q:Здравствуйте, цена аппарата?

    A: Спасибо за интерес к нашим машинам, вы можете проверить цену в нашем магазине https://shop.mychway.com/ или вы можете поговорить с нами в Live Chat, который находится в правом нижнем углу сайта.

  • Q:test test 6

    A: jieda 6

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