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2IN1 FAR infrared Negative Eye Massage Care Anti Wrinkle

2IN1 FAR-infrared Negative Ion Dark Circles Eyes Machine Wrinkle Reducer For Eyes

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  • Model: SR-269 Item ID: #1001674 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Far-infared heating to relax muscle and nerve
  • Negative ion to promote absorption
  • Massage your eye
  • USD 69.17


A) Bio effect, stimulate cells, increase vitality and speed up blood circulation
B) Physical therapy effect, smooths lymph, soften tissue, suitable for thick fat under eye, eye dropsy , eye-bag and black eye circle. Remove yellow face and wrinkle; promote blood circulation, activate tissue, shrink and tight skin
C) Suitable for all kinds of skin


This product adopts far infrared heat effect principle. Thermal radiation can penetrate into deep skin, and absorbed by skin organization.
It can make atom and molecule of human body cell vibrate together to form thermal effect. It can accelerate blood circulation and metabolism and organism regeneration capacity.


Far-infared heating with 360 rotate roller ball heating up to accelerate blood circulation, improve human body physical magnetic field, relieve fatigue and help to relax muscle and nerve. Negative ion function for promote absorption, accelerate improvement and strengthen effects.

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