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1Micro Needle Fractional RF Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

Fractional RF Micro Needle Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine Spa

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  • Model: DWJS-48 Item ID: #1000070 brand: MYCHWAY
  • Microneedle fractional rf wrinkles removal
  • RF - Determination of skin resistance
  • Micro cell is already set up for insulation
  • Needle RF multiple functions - strength, duration
  • USD 1,046.67


Fractional RF Needle System through the special design of many fractional needles point array, the high speed digital motor controls order through the epidermis and the dermis accurate to control the depth of 0.25-3mm, again by the end of the lattice needle release RF, stimulate collagen and elastic tissue, and is the epidermal layer is safe, RF energy can well to penetrate to the dermis, stimulate collagen protein hyperplasia, not only is the best way to improve the scars, but also long-term tightening skin wrinkles induced the good method.


1.RF - Determination of skin resistance to the group, not contact, will not launch radio frequency

2. Micro cell is already set up for insulation while high RF can only be launched at the tip.

3. Only allow energy range and purpose level, and adapt to energy.

4.Needle RF multiple functions - strength, duration (increase pulse mode and reduce side effects)

5.Needle Into- Apply scalp care (0.5mm)


RF Frequency

1-5 MHz adjustable

RF Output


Invasive needle depth

0.5~5.0mm adjustable

Duration time

0.1-2s adjustable

Therapeuti c probe

10p 25p 64p


650nm / 5mWX1

Working mode

M1 M2 M3

Input Voltage

110/220V; 50/60Hz



Net Weight

19 kg/42 lb

Tech Comparision

RF Radio Frequency Facial
Introduce the background of facial rf radio frequency, the principle of rf, the different between rf, fractional rf and HIFU. RF functions, Side Effects And Risks.

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received, thank you

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Good product! A+ ++


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