Co2 Dot Laser Microvascular Reconstruction Private Machine

CO2 Dot Private Laser Non-invasive Painless Laser Treatment Instrument

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  • Strong tightening and long-lasting effect
  • Painless, safe, short treatment time
  • Improve tightness and lubricity
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Private laser for vaginal relaxation is a 10600nm water absorption gold standard laser, using the perfect combination of three-dimensional lattice technology and 360-degree circular emission technology, producing a high temperature of 50-70 degrees Celsius in the controllable depth of the vaginal mucosa, stimulating the lamina propria And the fibroblasts in the muscular layer are regenerated, and the damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers, etc. are reorganized, thereby achieving thickening and tightening of the vaginal wall, so that the firmness of the vagina is enhanced, the sensitivity is enhanced, and the vagina is as tight as ever. The private laser does not cause epidermal burns due to excessive temperature and can act on Mucosa tissue with a thickness of several hundred nanometers each time with homogeneous heat.
Using the perfect wavelength and heat ratio of co2 laser, the powerful heat can make the collagen fibers, elastic fibers, reticular fibers, and organic matrix in the vaginal mucosa proliferate and remodel. The principle of the microvasculature of co2 makes vaginal revascularization. The blood flow is increased, the cell function is active, and the vaginal tightening, the secretion effect is enhanced, the sensitivity is improved, and the vagina is restored to a young and healthy state.
-Vaginal tightening - the principle of matrix and collagen production
The CO2 laser can induce heat shock response (HSR), which can produce heat shock protein (HSP). Heat shock protein 70 can be transformed into growth factor β under laser irradiation. TGF-β plays a key role in the inflammatory reaction and fibrosis reaction. It induces the production of collagen and extracellular matrices by cells. Intimate youth laser acts on the vaginal mucosa and muscle layer, stimulating collagen fibers in the lamina propria and muscle layers, and elastic hyperplasia, elastic fibers, reticular fibers, and organic matrix, which make the vagina tighten.
Collagen remodeling and the role of incentives
1: Acute thermal injury stage (48-72 hours)
Edema - the chemical medium released (a healing mechanism) - collagen contraction
2: Proliferation period (30 days)
Fibroblast proliferation - new matrix molecules increase - new collagen fiber formation
3: Reconstruction period
The disappearance of inflammatory infiltration - mature collagen fiber proliferation and collagen fiber remodeling - new elastic fiber increase
-Improve tightness and lubricity - the principle of co2 laser revascularization
The microvascular stimulation of the co2 laser causes vasodilation and increased blood flow, which in turn increases cellular oxidation and nutrients, and activates cellular functions.
Increased sensitivity
The complete, dynamic response of the vaginal blood vessels to sexual stimulation plays a key role in the excitatory phase of the genital response. Reducing vasodilation can lead to sexual problems, especially genital arousal disorders, and the sensitivity is reduced. Accompanied by insufficient vaginal lubrication or even dryness.
2. Increased lubricity
The mitochondria release ATP increased, the cell function is active, the vaginal mucosa secretion is enhanced, the color becomes lighter, and the lubrication effect is enhanced.


Smooth technology
1. The ideal laser wavelength can be absorbed by micron-sized tissue on the mucosa to avoid thermal damage to deep tissues or organs.
2. The laser energy is output in the form of optimized intermittent intervals and short pulses, which can avoid the formation of high temperature on the skin surface and cause thermal damage, while the surface layer of several hundred microns thick in the mucosa tissue forms a uniform thermal effect.
3. Use Smooth Smooth mode to treat vaginal mucosa tissue in a feather-like, non-invasive mode without bleeding, as this mode allows precise temperature control to avoid tissue damage.
Gold 360 ring launch technology
The laser is applied to the vaginal wall in a circular illumination mode by means of a gold-plated 360° reflector. Instead of touching the vaginal wall, the laser energy is applied evenly and uniformly to the entire vaginal segment. This technology makes vaginal laser tightening technology easier to operate, shorter treatment time, and higher safety.


-Strong tightening and long-lasting effect
The co2 laser has a perfect ratio of exfoliation and thermal effect, which stimulates the proliferation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and has a strong remodeling effect and a good tightening effect. Due to the principle of co2 laser-stimulated angiogenesis, vaginal blood flow can be increased, cell function is active, and vaginal sensitivity and lubrication are increased. According to research, the vaginal pH can be changed to normalize the vaginal flora.
-Painless, safe, short treatment time
1. The private youth laser uses 15*15 and 9*9 image beam modes to preserve normal mucosal tissue between the beam spots, making the heat diffusion more uniform and avoiding thermal damage.
2. The treatment is simple and fast, and the whole process takes only 10-15 minutes to complete. Because the private youth laser is effective, the treatment is safer, the patient is highly accepted, and the vaginal problem can be changed in all directions to restore the "young" state.
3. The operation is simple, the treatment is efficient and safe, there is no need to rest after surgery, and it does not affect the work.
4. It can treat all parts of the body, with good effect, wide source of disease, and rich income.
5. The latest international technology, a light-based beauty method with a large amount of clinical experience.
6. The highest output point of this machine is up to 80mj, which is the highest in its class.
7. This machine is composed of two parts: the main unit and the handle. The company maintains the original performance of the neodymium glass laser but is compact and integrated into the handle. This not only saves the loss of optical fiber transmission but also is very convenient for maintenance.
8. The main components are imported from abroad, and a lot of innovations have been made in the structure, and the technical performance has reached the international advanced level. When changing the lamp, you only need to send the handle back to the manufacturer, no need to change the host.
9. Non-exfoliating treatment, no pain, short time, no adverse reactions, especially suitable for young and middle-aged people.
10. This unit has three different beam density microbeam array outputs. They can be easily replaced on the handle. For each point density, a variety of point energy levels are set to provide tailor-made treatment for different lesions, so as to achieve the most satisfactory therapeutic effect.

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  • Co2 Dot Laser Microvascular Reconstruction Private Machine
  • Strong tightening and long-lasting effect
  • Painless, safe, short treatment time
  • Improve tightness and lubricity