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Vacuum Massage Cup For Bbreast enhancement

Professional Vacuum Body Massage Metal Cup For Facial Skin Slimming Massage Lifting Machine

  • Model:OT-PARTS0085
  • Body fat removal
  • Body massage
  • Lymph drainage


1. Metal material, light and durable
2.Smooth surface, anti - oil, hand feel good.
3.The adsorption force is large and the effect is obvious
4.Easy to clean and replace


The working principle of the vacuum grease cup is to use the vacuum adsorption pressure to squeeze the fat layer and accumulate fat.Let adipose cell height concentration, have achieve to promote facial flexibility, still can rise to promote the activity of lymphocyte.


1. The operation procedure of this handle is as follows. First, connect the handle with the airway number of the instrument
2. After connecting the probe of the handle, the air pressure of the equipment, working mode and adsorption and retraction time shall be adjusted.
3. The operation method is to pull gently from the acting part to both sides and operate back and forth.Each treatment time in half an hour or so.

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  • Vacuum Massage Cup For Bbreast enhancement
  • Body fat removal
  • Body massage
  • Lymph drainage