40Khz Cavitation Vacuum RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming

Professional Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Fat Reduce And Lipo laser Slimming Radio Frequency Face Skin Lifting Mahine

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  • Model:WL-919M2S
  • 8 polar Radio Frequency For Bur Cellulite
  • Skin Rejuvenation,Face eyes arround LIfting
  • Cavitation 40K for slimming ,cellulite removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation,Face eyes arround LIfting
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The principle of Ultrasonic Cavitation is to vibrate the fat cells with the highest speed through the strong sound wave of 40,000 Hertz. A large number of vacuum air bags are generated inside and outside the fat cells. Under strong impact pressure, the fat cells will produce implosion explosion, and triglycerides will be decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acids.An rf wave of 1MHZ is then used to excrete integrated glycerin and free fatty acids through hepatic and intestinal circulation.Finally, vacuum rf and energy electrodes were used to locate and tighten the grease.In physics, it is called \\"cavitation\\".Radio frequency technology can not only burn fat, but also tighten the skin, because radio frequency can increase skin protein.


Vacuum radiofrequency is a combination of two technologies that work well for fat loss. Its working principle consists of two technologies. One is to use vacuum adsorption pressure to suck the parts to be removed into the handle, and then the function of rf is to heat the fat.Because the physical phenomenon of radio frequency is heat generation, it burns fat.So that way.The vacuum compresses the cell.And adipose cell of radio frequency heating makes its dilate dilatant adipose cell ruptured below vacuum pressure, pass the oneself of the body finally adjust, achieve the effect that reduce weight.


Facial radiofrequency head capacitively coupled electrodes are used to transmit radio wave energy and generate an electric field that passes through the skin surface into subcutaneous tissue.At high frequencies of 450 KHZ, the electric field changes polarity at a rate of 450,000 cycles per second.In response to the rapid change in the electrode, the direction of the electrical particles also changed.At this point, natural resistance in the subcutaneous tissue moves and generates heat.When the temperature is in the range of 60 ~ 70 c, because dermal papilla collagen will immediately contract, at the same time of wrinkling and tightening, subjects can immediately feel the tightening effect of the skin.When collagen is continuously produced, it can increase the thickness and density of dermal papillary dermis, eliminate wrinkles and scars, restore skin elasticity and luster, and make skin golden and smooth.Along with the increase in collagen, fresh skin is produced at the site of surgery, and a large number of cells are removed to remove wrinkles.

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  • 40Khz Cavitation Vacuum RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming
  • 8 polar Radio Frequency For Bur Cellulite
  • Skin Rejuvenation,Face eyes arround LIfting
  • Cavitation 40K for slimming ,cellulite removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation,Face eyes arround LIfting