Face Vibration Machine PDT Photon Therapy Machine

Red&Blue Photon Vibration Massage Machines Microcurrent Face Tools PDT LED Machine Beauty Microcurrent Facial Machines

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  • Model:SR-BZ0211
  • Vibration photon Lead in massage
  • Red light for skin rejuvenation
  • Blue light treatment acne and sterilization


1. Both suitable for face and around eyes.
2. Import function and wrinkle removal function together.
3. Easy to use: only two buttons whole device.
4. Smart type, carry it anywhere.
5. Elegant design, fashion and beautiful.
6. USB rechargeable type.


It is the current which is extensively accepted and used by European, named Galvanic current. Taking advantage of less than 1000um micro current, galvanic current with the help of positive an negative ions, ionized essence applied on skin, absorb tiny nutrition particles on ions. Through the positive and negative loop circulation principle of electric ions, it takes the absorbed nutrition particles and lead them into deep skin, reaching the muscle layer of skin, to make it be fully absorbed. Using for a period of time(usually around 3 months), then permeability of skin can be greatly improved, and skin will be moist and smooth, the research show that Galvanic micro current absorption efficiency of liquid essence can increase 50%-70% , especially suitable for water-soluble nutrition lead in (such as essence or toner liquid)。


1. Red light rejuvenation skin: 625nm wavelength
European advocate photo therapy. All thing of nature acquire energy through light and keep biological balance. Red light is the 625nm red light extracted from seven colors spectrum of sun, and simulated to infinite close to natural red light. Softly shining on skin can help skin cells to absorb light energy and keep skin healthy and rejuvenation.
2. Blue light treatment acne and sterilization 465nm wavelength.
Blue light is the coldest light, can promote synthesis of protein and collagen, activate skin, tighten flabby skin and shrink pores. It is also can effectively eliminate acne bacillus, restrain growth of skin bacteria, suitable for improving erythematic, oily skin ,cells status of sensitive skin, sterilization and acne.

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  • Face Vibration Machine PDT Photon Therapy Machine
  • Vibration photon Lead in massage
  • Red light for skin rejuvenation
  • Blue light treatment acne and sterilization