Microcurrent Face Lift Rejuven Machine Professional Nipple

Facial Skin Lifting Rejuvenation Anti-age Firming Microcurrent Ion Vibration Massager Beauty Machine

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  • Model:FF5306
  • Micro current for facial Lifting
  • Micro current for skin rejuvenation
  • Vibration for skin massage


1. Bio wave to remove wrinkles
2..Whole set water-proof
3.Portable and easy to operate
4. Micro current mode keeps skin looking sharp
5. Ion skin care mode helps deliver the nutrient to deep skin
6. Vibration mode for skin relax


The micro-current operating principle is to take electric energy based on microampere as unit, which is extremely close to human cells and the most important is that the electric signal it produced is to simulate the electric signal of the skin, which will be based on for replenishing charges to the cells.Micro-current wrinkles removal technology has been used in beauty industry for more than 10 yeas. Micro-current have an affect on the regeneration and renew of cell tissue and replenishing charges to the cell, When the cells regain the electric field balance, it will restore its various normal metabolism, revitalize the cells and make the skin be fleshy, full and lustrous. You will not have any feelings during operation, it is very comfortable and miraculous, the wrinkles will go way from your face if use it patiently.


Whole set waterproof. minimize the pores in seconds, smoothing out the skin surface. Micro current mode keeps the skin look sharp.Vibration mode for Skin relax. Ion skin care mode deliver nutrient deep in skin.Micro-current beauty, make your skin firm and shiny, getting younger and younger

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  • Microcurrent Face Lift Rejuven Machine Professional Nipple
  • Micro current for facial Lifting
  • Micro current for skin rejuvenation
  • Vibration for skin massage