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Electroporation Needle Free Needless Mesotherapy Cool Skin Rejuvenation Spa

Electroporation Needle Free Needless Mesotherapy Cool Skin Rejuvenation Spa Beauty MachineElectr

  • Model:SR-S350
  • ElectroporationHot Cool Skin Care


Electroporation is a cosmetic method that can inject collagen without injections. Due to the problem of not easy to penetrate the skin deep from the skin surface, can injected directly into the skin deep with the use of injection. The SK series using special electroporation technology, manufacturing space between cells in a short time, designed in a painless way, transmit the necessary ingredients directly to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

No-needle mesotherapy
Ne-needle mesotherapy is the combination of the mesotherapy and electroporation. In the Europe, mesotherapy without injection is very popular. Its feature is the super penetration. No-needle mesotherapy's penetration, from the skin surface to 1mm, is 10 times higher than the inon penetrasion. to 4 mm deep is about 27 times, can make the active ingredients into the skin, so it can play the highest and actually experience a rejuvenation effect.


1.Innovative technologies: The use of the principles of electroporation and electro-osmosis
2. High absorption rate: Nutrition direct cell inside the absorption rate as high as 99%
3.Pain-free effect: The treatment process completely painless, does not change the mechanism of the skin, supporting the natural active substances.
4. Treatment area, treatment options more: The face, neck, chest, waist, buttocks, legs can be used, supporting the effectiveness of many products, whitening ,wrinkle, compact, weight reduction and so on.
5. Make up water into mist, cleaner, more efficient more specification

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  • Electroporation Needle Free Needless Mesotherapy Cool Skin Rejuvenation Spa
  • ElectroporationHot Cool Skin Care