7-1 Vacuum RF Machine Lipo Laser Machine

7-1 Vacuum Bipolar Tripolar Sextupolar RF 8pcs Lipo Laser Machine Photon Cavitation Machine Spa Slimming Beauty

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  • Model:WL-919B
  • 40k head use for body weight loss
  • RF head use for body skin tightening
  • lipo laser use body fat burning
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1.No side effects.
2.Easy to operate
3.Does not affect work, study and life
4.Lower cost


Cavitation 40k vibrate fat cells after release 40000HZ strong sound wave, then explosive it after produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and break down it. This procedure can get the effect of celulite slimming, loss weight only treat body area like arms, belly, buttocks, calves, thighs, legs etc.


Radio frequency through the heating which is the system to provide the treatment by generating the heat from inside the human body. Wrinkles and loose can influences your appearance. Even healthy and active people also have wrinkle and aging phenomenon. Many people will recognize you through your face. More and more people have tried the facial lift in order to avoid fighting aging.


  • Ultrasound Cavitation 1.0 Handpiece
  • Model: PT-BZ02
  • Ultrasound Cavitation 1.0 Handpiece
  • Ultrasound cavitation 1.0 handpiece use 40KHz wave to cause violent collision to the fat cells and break them up instantly, then broken fat cells are removed via body metabolism, lets body slimming and re-shape. It use on thighs, arms and belly.
  • Radio Frequency Vacuum Handpiece
  • Model: PT-FY02
  • Radio Frequency Vacuum Handpiece
  • Radio Frequency Vacuum handpiece lift and stimulate the skin under-lying structures, improving blood flow and lymph circulation, and RF heats collagen fiber derma to make the rebirth of collage, thus smooth wrinkle and lift skin. It use on legs, waist, belly.
  • 3-Polar Handpiece
  • Model: PT-SP032
  • 3-Polar Handpiece
  • 3-Polar Handpiece heats the dermis layer to shrink the collagen cells under the skin and promote the regeneration of collagen cells, so that the skin becomes firm, full and elastic. It use on face and eyes around.
  • Bio Microcurrent handpiece
  • Model: PT-WD02
  • Bio Microcurrent handpiece
  • Bio Microcurrent handpiece lets the muscles do passive exercise, promotes the burning of fat, makes the facial muscles tighten, and promotes the blood circulation of the face, eliminates the edema, thus firming and smoothing the skin. It use on eyes around, face and neck.
  • Big Lipo Laser Paddle
  • Model: PT-JR01A
  • Big Lipo Laser Paddle
  • Big lipo laser paddle uses 5mw light energy to break down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, and they are eliminated via metabolism. This helps body slimming, cellulite reduction. It use on belly and thighs
  • Small Lipo Laser Paddle
  • Model: PT-JR02A
  • Small Lipo Laser Paddle
  • Small lipo laser paddle adopts light to penetrate skin deep level to stimulate metabolism and collaterals encouraging collagen production, thus strengthening the skin and smooth fatigue. It use on neck, breasts and arms

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  • 7-1 Vacuum RF Machine Lipo Laser Machine
  • 40k head use for body weight loss
  • RF head use for body skin tightening
  • lipo laser use body fat burning