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  • Mini Fractional RF Radio Frequency Dot Matrix Photothermal Skin Lifting Beauty
  • Mini Fractional RF Radio Frequency Dot Matrix Photothermal Skin Lifting Beauty Rejuvenation
  • Model:SR-WD135
  • RF fractional
  • Shrink pores and skin rejuvenation


The safe RF energy is delivered to the deep layers of the skin, and collagen and elastin fibers form a support structure. The polarity of the emitted energy creates an energy arc between the microneedles, providing energy beneath the surface of the skin to reshape the skin 144 dot electrode beauty head can effectively repair the skin, treat symptoms and root causes, completely solve your troubles and regrets, lattice electrode beauty head any replacement design, avoid cross use, healthier


Efficient, experiments have proved that RF wrinkle removal can effectively stimulate collagen recombination, tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, after treatment satisfaction is higher.
Feature 2: Safety, RF wrinkle removal system can protect the epidermis, achieve a safe and efficient satisfactory effect, higher than other non-invasive treatment safety. In addition, there is no recovery period after treatment, patients can immediately resume their daily work and rest, eliminating other necessary precautions after treatment.
Characteristic 3: Persistent. After treatment, the skin will improve every day because of the continuous production of new collagen.

Tech Comparision
Crystal vs Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine
How Long Does The IPL Hair Removal System Treatment Last?
The treatment is very quick, only need 15-20 minutes for the complete treatment, but also depend on the treatment area you want to hair removal or skin rejuvenation, and its size or scope. After the treatment, the beautician will need short time to see the skin situation and skin to get recovery. And the clear result will be saw after 4-6 treatments, you should do a session of treatment( say 4-6 times) after 2-3 months, then 6 months to get the permanent hair removal result.
What Is The IPL Laser Therapy Risk And Side Effect?
1. After treatment, the skin by side of pigment will getting red, but will disappear within hours or some days, and some people will getting little blisters or skin will become shallow or dark than usual temporally.

2. Burn skin, the IPL laser is too high will burn skin, but this is rare by professional operator, and when you use the portable beauty device, set up the energy from low to high according to feeling.

3. Scabbing, this is normal for pigment spots removal treatment, which are appear on surface, but will flake off after 1-2 weeks. What Is The People Say About The IPL Laser Hair Machines ?

The results of my first IPL was great.- Tara
The results. Smoother skin & reduced appearance of brown spots. - Bailey
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  • Mini Fractional RF Radio Frequency Dot Matrix Photothermal Skin Lifting Beauty
  • RF fractional
  • Shrink pores and skin rejuvenation